sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

La Cavatina

Many of you out there may remember this wonderful music piece from The Deer Hunter movie .
Over the years I´ve listened to a lot of different versions of it, however i still believe that this music piece should remain as simple as possible without adding any sort of background music.
And it should be performed in a slow motion as well, some guitar players rush the tune in a fast motion so it ends quickly because it´s so hard to play and by doing it they ruin it´s wonderful soothing effect on the senses.
And La Cavatina is a music piece to enjoy without any sort of rush.

6 comentários:

  1. absolutely! i completely agree with you. "nice and slow is the way to go" :) oh by the way, i loved this video from begining to end! veryyy soothing

  2. How beautiful! What a lovely piece of music. Thank you. I feel so relaxed now!

  3. This is the day of sentimental music and movies that were make to touch people :) Speaking of that, I've collected some music from a film called"In the mood for love", there are some very nice theme music I thought you may enjoy, they are on my recital site :D Hope all is well my friend!

  4. J.J. I think it´s really cool that you enjoy this sort of music, there is much to learn from the simplicity of acoustic musical instruments.
    And you are right, nice and slow is the way to go.

  5. Cobalt, this is a great little piece of music isn´t it.
    Have you ever seen The Deer Hunter ?
    I ask you this because i know how much you love cinema,if you watch this movie you will realize how amanzingly well this simple music piece linked with it.
    Big kiss.

  6. suni, i will check this out in your blog right now.
    All is well little friend, thankyou.