segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

Goodbye, Frank Frazetta. 1928- 2010

   Frank Frazetta was the most influential Artist of the 20TH Century.
BIRDMAN by Frank Frazetta

Goodbye old Man, i hope you folow the Eagle´s path.
You will surely be missed.
Thank you for the Dreams.
A Fan from Portugal.

2 comentários:

  1. There will be plenty of talents, but there won't be another Frazetta. I used to look at his illustrations and wonder how the heck did he come up with those awesome compositions? The answer was of course, hard and relentless work. RIP.

  2. Suni, quite true.I came in contact with Mr.Frazetta´s artwork when i was around 11 years old.
    I saw an animation named "Tygra Fire and Ice" (Have you seen it ?)It blew my mind.
    It was only many years later that i found out that he had done it.
    Still today, I love the movie "Tygra" and still today Mr.Frazetta´s artwork continues to blow my mind.
    Thank´s suni !