sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Iberian Lynx PART 5

  The second of the first two cubs to be born in the Silves National Reproduction Centre died last weekend.
You can read the following story over HERE.

A segunda cria de Lince Ibérico nascida no centro Nacional de Reprodução morreu no fim de semana passado.
Pode ler parte desta história AQUI .
Right now I feel too sad, too depressed,too angry to make any sort of comment; except may be for this:

How long will we keep taking nature´s gifts for granted ?

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  1. Poor babies! That is so sad. I know how you feel! It makes me sad, angry and depressed as well!

  2. Oh they are so cute and undisturbed! By the way, Diogo, it's nice to type your real name instead of the blog name :D

  3. A brief note:
    Ladies and Gentleman, i would like to rectify an issue that i consider to be most important.
    The picture that you see above as nothing to do with the incident regarding the Iberian Lynx cubs that were portrayed on the following news.
    I placed the following picture above of a Iberian Lynx couple to try and portray the drama of the parents of these cubs and of wildlife in general since it is desappearing right in front of our eyes at an amazing speed.
    I was using a methaporical image that might have misslead you.
    So, this photo as nothing to do with the events that followed.
    Second i´m just a concerned citizen worried with the wildlife not only of my country (Portugal) but also of the entire planet.
    I am a nature conservationist, but i have no close contact with the SILVES NATIONAL REPRODUCTION CENTRE IN PORTUGAL.
    I would like to apollogize and thank you all even so for the warm comments.

  4. Christiejolu, Thank´s kid !
    You are a good friend and a great blogger, thank you so much for the kindness and love that you have showned me since i started the Bicando Blog.

  5. suni, thank´s also for following and caring.
    You have an amazing talent and I believe that the fine Arts are also endangered.
    So, all i can really say is, Keep it up Suni !
    Thank you,Thank you,Thank you !
    P.S. You can call me Diego Or Diogo, i believe that folks in the U.S. are more familiarized with Diego because of the Latin communities over there.
    BB is also O.K. ;)

  6. Thank´s Betty. It´s always wonderfull to ear from you my litle Greek friend.

  7. Ow, I see, thanks for clearing that. They are still very very cute :)