sábado, 15 de maio de 2010

Classic Garfield / includes the great song track "So long old friend".

Thankyou !
To the guy(s) that posted this on YOUTUBE and rescued a happy childhood memory, to everybody out there that love Animals and Nature as much as i do and keep fighting for it to endure,  and finally to Ninja my beloved cat for giving me so much love and "bites" over the years. :)
P.S.Not to worry, the cartoon ends well and Odie escapes the pound with Garfield.

To Green with love.

5 comentários:

  1. Thank you my Dear Friend :))

    Adoro o Garfiel, quando, naqueles jogos que nos perguntam se fosses um desenho animado quem serias,me perguntam eu digo sempre Garfield :))

    Tu podes ser o Odie :P

  2. LOL - have had an infatuation with Garfield since I was little! My best mate was an awesome artist and drew a picture of him on my school backpack (back in the day where hessian fishing bags were trendy! Go figure!)
    Nice memories :)

  3. __Today... we could use more "Garfield" and "Odie" in our lives! _m

  4. Green, só te posso dizer obrigado aliás como sempre.

    LG, my favourite cat also since a teen.
    However i like the old stuff better like this cartoon.
    Garfield became more comercial over the years when before there was also this human side to it.
    And it was also fun for all the family in general and not just the kids.
    A lot of people related Garfield and Odie with their own cat and dog.

    Magyar dear friend,
    Ain´t that the truth !?

  5. Lol! My first English was a book of Garfield! So much memories!