quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2015

Poem in a Straight Line /Poema em linha reta by Álvaro de Campos (Fernando Pessoa)

Poem in a Straight Line by Álvaro de Campos (Fernando Pessoa) Translated by Edwin Honig and Susan M. Brown I never knew a soul who ever took a licking. My friends have all been champions at everything. And I, so often vulgar, so often obscene, so often vile, I, so deliberately parasitical, Unforgivably filthy, I, so often without patience to take a bath, I, who’ve been so ridiculous, so absurd, Tripping up in public on the carpet of etiquette, I, so grotesque and mean, submissive and insolent, Who’ve been insulted and not said a word, And when putting a word in growing still more ridiculous, I who strike chambermaids as laughable, I who feel porters wink sarcastically, I who’ve been scandalous about money, borrowing and not paying it back, I, who when the time came to fight, ducked As far as I could out of punching range, I who go into a sweat over the slightest thing — I’m convinced no one’s better than I at this sort of game. No one I know, none of my speaking acquaintances, Ever acted ridiculous, ever took insults, Was ever anything but noble – yes, all of them princes, living their lives… How I’d love to hear a human voice, from any one of them. Confessing not to sins but to infamies, Speaking not of violent but of cowardly acts! But no, each one’s a Paragon, to hear them tell it. Is there no one in this world who’d confess to me he’s been vile just once? All you princes, my brothers, Enough – I’m fed up with demigods! Where are the real people in this world? Am I the only scoundrel and bungler alive? Maybe women don’t always fall for them. Maybe they’ve been betrayed. But ridiculous? Never! And I, who’ve been ridiculous but never betrayed, How do I speak to their Highnesses without stammering? I, who’ve been vile, literally vile, Vile in the meanest and rottenest possible sense of the word. ________________________ Original Portuguese version: Poema em linha reta Álvaro de Campos (Fernando Pessoa) Nunca conheci quem tivesse levado porrada. Todos os meus conhecidos têm sido campeões em tudo. E eu, tantas vezes reles, tantas vezes porco, tantas vezes vil, Eu tantas vezes irrespondivelmente parasita, Indesculpavelmente sujo, Eu, que tantas vezes não tenho tido paciência para tomar banho, Eu, que tantas vezes tenho sido ridículo, absurdo, Que tenho enrolado os pés publicamente nos tapetes das etiquetas, Que tenho sido grotesco, mesquinho, submisso e arrogante, Que tenho sofrido enxovalhos e calado, Que quando não tenho calado, tenho sido mais ridículo ainda; Eu, que tenho sido cômico às criadas de hotel, Eu, que tenho sentido o piscar de olhos dos moços de fretes, Eu, que tenho feito vergonhas financeiras, pedido emprestado sem pagar, Eu, que, quando a hora do soco surgiu, me tenho agachado Para fora da possibilidade do soco; Eu, que tenho sofrido a angústia das pequenas coisas ridículas, Eu verifico que não tenho par nisto tudo neste mundo. Toda a gente que eu conheço e que fala comigo Nunca teve um ato ridículo, nunca sofreu enxovalho, Nunca foi senão príncipe – todos eles príncipes – na vida… Quem me dera ouvir de alguém a voz humana Que confessasse não um pecado, mas uma infâmia; Que contasse, não uma violência, mas uma cobardia! Não, são todos o Ideal, se os oiço e me falam. Quem há neste largo mundo que me confesse que uma vez foi vil? Ó príncipes, meus irmãos, Arre, estou farto de semideuses! Onde é que há gente no mundo? Então sou só eu que é vil e errôneo nesta terra? Poderão as mulheres não os terem amado, Podem ter sido traídos – mas ridículos nunca! E eu, que tenho sido ridículo sem ter sido traído, Como posso eu falar com os meus superiores sem titubear? Eu, que venho sido vil, literalmente vil, Vil no sentido mesquinho e infame da vileza. Image/Edward Norton/Fight Club

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HELLO! Suddenly i´ve felt the urge to reach out my hand and feel if there is still some sort of life in blogland. It has been years since my last post,life hasn´t been a walk in the park and to tell you the truth i´ve never really surpasses the idea that "bicando" was nothing more than an well intention-ed project that was hard to follow,incoherent and poorly developed from the beginning. So little by little I gave up on the idea of resuming it. Besides,being Portuguese and trying to "reach the world" via a foreign language was no easy task. But still,since I never "killed it" every once in a while i was surprised to find out that a few people still visited this blog. HA,but "bicando" gave me a lot,made some new friends that were the real "crown jewel" of this project. So over the last few days I began wondering if I should give it a go. And yes,to quote a Portuguese poet "Valeu a pena,tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena", "Everything is worth, If the soul is not small. Welcome back to bicando,yours truly Diogo Carvalho aka BB.