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Today I woke up with a question in my Mind ,and it was...



Victor Jara Cuando Voy al Trabajo

Un gran abrazo a nuestros hermanos Chilenos.
Que Dios esté con vosotros.

Dedicado a las víctimas del terremoto, la paz para sus almas.

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Clean / Liricks

The cleanest I've been
An end to the tears
And the in-between years
And the troubles I've seen

Now that I'm clean
You know what I mean

I've broken my fall
Put an end to it all
I've changed my routine
Now I'm clean

I don't understand
What destiny's planned
I'm starting to grasp
What is in my own hands

I don't claim to know
Where my holiness goes
I just know that I like
What is starting to show


The cleanest I've been
An end to the tears
And the in-between years
And the troubles I've seen

Now that I'm clean
You know what I mean

I've broken my fall
Put an end to it all
I've changed my routine
Now I'm clean

As years go by
All the feelings inside
Twist and they turn
As they ride with the tide

I don't advise
And I don't criticise
I just know what I like
With my own eyes


The cleanest I've been
An end to the tears
And the in-between years
And the troubles I've seen

Now that I'm clean
You know what I mean

I've broken my fall
Put an end to it all
I've changed my routine
Now I'm clean


© 1990 Martin Lee Gore - Depeche Mode

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"I Believe in You" has been described as an "anti-heroin song."     
When asked whether the lyrics are based on personal experience, Hollis replied,
"No, not at all. But, you know, I met people who got totally fucked up on it. 
Within rock music there's so much fucking glorification of it, and it is a wicked, horrible thing."
Mark Hollis.

  Well, someone had to say it!.Since the silence over it was shameful and truth be told "Deadly".      
If you were a teenager in the Eighties like myself,  you are probably aware of the danger that was being waved under our eyes constantly.
Let´s not be shy about it, and let´s all say it out loud since I´m talking about:DRUGS. Drugs were everywhere, and it seemed as if in every street corner someone was dealing or using "THEM". Sounds like some sort of terrible  exaggeration, I know !, but once again, if you were a teenager back in those days and listened to these very words, i´m sure that you would agree with me.
Heroin and other drugs weren´t just an European, American or Asian Problem. They were, and in fact are disseminated worldwide.   There isn´t a single spot on earth were you can´t get them.
  Truth be told, i am much more at ease speaking about such a terrible matter when i lean over the drug usage problem that affected, and still affects so many children (Because teenagers are nothing more than children) in my own country (PORTUGAL). And in some other (If not all) European countries. And this is due to the fact that drugs, especially hard drugs like heroin  or Horse as it is called in slang, were a real problem that my generation encountered along the way.
Heroin was very prominent in the beginning of the 80´s in most European countries. There was a lot of talk about it, but truth be told no one really knew how to stop the problem. You see because back in those days there wasn´t a lot of information about it. Sure, you and I   heard that drugs were bad. Bad ???.
Truth be told, Bad is just another word among words, and have little or no influence on a teenager who deals with so many internal issues and is still building some sort of character and personality that He or She can call "Myself". Bad, is something that you say to your dog after It pees on your favourite carpet, and the only way to make It really understand the word is to rub It´s snout on it. Perhaps, you are questioning why i bring such a terrible matter to the table ?. I´ll tell you why !,being a person that loves  all sorts of Art but with a special fondness for music,no matter the style or if it´s very or little comercial, it saddens me  deeply that most pop,rock,hip -hop and all sorts of musicians and singers still promote the use of drugs as something cool,harmless and fun. It started in the sixties and it never stopped till today.
These sort of characters  aren´t artists. They are nothing but posers,Gangsters,drug dealers,drug users and chicken hawks that will look at nothing to  make a quick buck to feed their habit."I don´t need to quote names. You know who you are !" They are as empty inside as their words, and produce effect only on the minds of those most susceptible on our societies (Our youngsters).
At least a very short few spoke out loud trough the via of song such as Mark Hollis from Talk Talk when he sang "I believe in you ".I love this song and have no problem on promoting a band that made "sense to me" when i was only a kid. Since most popular bands back in  those days were in fact promoting the "stuff" (Heroin and all sorts of shit) instead of naming it for the "shit" that it is.
Few guys did this. Right now i can only recall Mark Hollis, and prior to that David Bowie when he worked on the music score of a German film called Christiane F.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christiane_F.
that spoke in a shocking but real way about the hell (and this is saying it lightly) that one goes trough as a drug addict.
 And of course who can forget  Rockin' in the Free World by Neil Young ?.    
I feel sad because whenever i look back in those days i remember the countless faces of so many boys and girls (MY FRIENDS) that died due to this SHIT. AND FOR WHAT ? Because they were following a trend of some idiot musician that did drugs but looked cool in jeans.
For what ?, to make some low life drug dealer rich. Some punk that hangs around in a street corner near schools that makes a living selling poison to kids ?.
For what ?, to learn the real meaning of the word BAD after one reached a pit so deep that it´s almost impossible to ever see the surface again ?.
Let me ask you. Why don´t they make songs about this ?

I Believe In You - Talk Talk

Hear it in my spirit

I've seen heroin for myself
On the street so young laying wasted
Enough ain't it enough
Crippled world
I just can't bring myself to see it starting

Tell me how I fear it
I buy prejudice for my health
Is it worth so much when you taste it?
Enough there ain't enough hidden hurt
A time to sell yourself
A time for passing


How long?


P.S. I would really, i mean Really, like for you guys to share a comment about this, since most of us are Parents and want the best for our Kids.

Diego Carvalho also known as Bonequinho da Bic.

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Give To Live

;) This song always makes me feel good !

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Happy Valentine´s day / Feliz dia dos Namorados

To pay Hommage to this great day, here is a small clip from the Movie The Wedding Singer.
I wish you all a great day ;)

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Cinema Paradiso -Final scene / Movie Score by Ennio Morricone


 Here is a small turn in the column  SONG -A CONTINOUS ACT  that describes or tries to describe some of the Music Genres most common in  Portugal .Today I´ve decided to pay homage to an Italian Composer and Conductor of great Genius.
But how does one describes someone as complex as Ennio Morricone ?
 Here are a few  adjectives and "catch phrases" that I´ve read about him : Genius,Magnificent, Magnificent Genius,A God among men,An Angel among men,Too good to be human, Extraordinary Musician, Beethoven reincarnated, Touched by  God, Incredible,E.T.C.,e.t.c.,e t.cetera. Exaggeration !, some will say !.I agree, However It´s no easy task to describe the Word "Genius"in a small manner.  
And Mr.Morricone is precisely that : A Genius.
You´ve probably listened to a lot of his compositions and aren´t aware of it. Of course it will be easier to say that if you like  Cinema you´ve probably listened to some of his Masterpieces and didn´t even realized it. Some are cheap movies since Mr. Morricone being a humble person as he is never paid much attention to these matters.
So, some of these cheap movies became well known by some people because they had a great music score. They  had a catchy tune. Who doesn´t remember the Music from The Good the Bad and the Ugly ?.
But if you "mix" together a great "movie plot" with a great "movie score" The end result is a Movie Classic.
It´s almost impossible not to listen to a piece of music from Ennio Morricone and being unable to recognize to which movie that particular piece belonged to. Morricone´s music has that great "Magic"characteristic of linking perfectly with the scenes one watches on screen.
And it´s not just some sort of explosive grand finale musical Master piece when the ending credits are rolling and everyone is lifting their butt of the Movie theater seats.
No; just like a fairy tale each scene is accompanied with great music that links perfectly well to the story.   
Which one of you didn´t cried when they saw the redemption scene from The Mission, when Mendonza the Spanish slave trader (Brilliantly played by Robert de Niro) seeking forgiveness for his sins carries his former tools of trade (Helmets,Armors,swords e.t.c.) trough an impossible road of mud, dirt and suffering and has is life spared by the same very people he hunted, sold and sometimes killed.

Which one of you didn´t cried when they saw the final scene of Cinema Paradiso when "Salvatore" now a middle aged Man and powerful  movie tycoon watches the footage of reattached celluloid that was cut by the Italian Church censorship, a gift from his friend  “Alfredo”.
But it´s not just of sadness i´m talking about. Morricone´s music as that visual characteristic to describe the joys and the griefs of life as no one else can.
For me there is only a word to describe Ennio Morricone. There were a group of people in the middle ages that had the ability to turn stones into gold. Well, at least that´s what many stories say.
So in my humble opinion Mr.Morricone is precisely that ; An Alchemist.
Someone who´s music attached to a  humble story turns it into an Epic.
Or perhaps I´m exaggerating...

The Mission - Gabriel's Oboe

A small excerpt from the Mission,one of the greatest movies of all times.

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Canto de Andar - Luar na Lubre / Letra / Liricks

Canto de Andar - Luar na Lubre

Amence paseniño nas terras do solpor
As brétemas esváense coas raiolas do sol

Meu amor, meu amor, imos cara o maior
Miña amada, meu ben, imos polas terras do alén

Acariña o silencio e escoita o corazón
Que moitos dos teus soños latexan ao seu son

É tempo de camiño andar e de non esquecer
Que o futuro que ha de vir é o que has de facer

E o sol vai silandeiro deitándose no mare
Facéndonos pequenos con tanta inmensidade

Tradução ao português:

Amanhece devagar nas terras do pôr-do-sol
Os nevoeiros se desvanecem com os raios do sol

Meu amor, meu amor, vamos para o mar maior
Minha amada, meu bem, vamos pelas terras do além

Acaricia o silêncio e escuta o coração
Que muitos de teus sonhos batem a seu som

É tempo de caminho andar e de não esquecer
Que o futuro que tem de vir é o que tens que fazer

E o sol vai silencioso deitando-se no mar
Fazendo-nos pequenos com tanta imensidão

English translation:

Slowly dawns on the land of the setting sun
Mists fade with the sun

My love, my love, go to the biggest sea
My darling, darling, let the lands beyond

Caresses the silence and listen to our hearts
How many of your dreams beat to this sound 

It is time to walk way and not to forget
What the future has to come is what you must do

And the sun goes silent lying in the sea
We become so small in it´s immensity

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Canto de Andar (Luar na Lubre)

Some very beautiful sounds from Galicia in Spain where the Portuguese language mixes with the Spanish language.
Here is : Luar na Lubre.

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"Life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel the more truth we can comprehend. To understand the things that are at our door is the best preparation for understanding those that lie beyond."

"A vida é um desdobramento, e quanto mais viajamos mais compreendemos a verdade. Compreender aquilo que está à nossa porta   é a melhor preparação para compreender aquilo que se estende para além desta."
                                                              Quote  by Hypatia

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MADREDEUS - Vêm (além de toda a solidão) / Come (beyond all loneliness)

Beyond all loneliness  
I lost the light of your life
I´ve lost my horizon

Carry on if you want
But Afterwards come and shine
A heart which suffers

I belong  to you
Until  the end of the sea  
I´m just like you
Shaped in the same light
In the same Love

So come
Because I want to
Comfort you
If it´s not well
Let yourself navigate