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The little girl and the star fish / A menina e a estrela do mar

A young girl was walking along a beach upon which thousands of starfish had been washed up during a terrible storm. When she came to each starfish, she would pick it up, and throw it back into the ocean. People watched her with amusement.

She had been doing this for some time when an old man approached her and said, “Little girl, why are you doing this? Look at this beach! You can’t save all these starfish. You can’t begin to make a difference!”

The girl seemed crushed, suddenly deflated. But after a few moments, she bent down, picked up another starfish, and hurled it as far as she could into the ocean. Then she looked up at the man and replied,

“Well, I made a difference to that one!”

The old man looked at the girl inquisitively and thought about what she had done and said. Inspired, he joined the little girl in throwing starfish back into the sea. Soon others joined, and all the starfish were saved.

Uma menina caminhava pela praia onde milhares de estrelas -do -mar  encontravam-se espalhadas devido a uma terrível tempestade que houvera. Quando esta se aproximava de uma, ela apanhava-a , e atirava-a de volta ao oceano. A s restantes pessoas olhavam para esta cena divertidas.
A menina já estava a fazer isto durante algum tempo até que um velho aproximou-se desta e disse, "Menina, porque é que estás a fazer isto ? Repara nesta praia ! Não consegues salvar todas estas estrelas-do-mar. Isso não vai fazer nenhuma diferença !"
A menina ficou com um ar infeliz por uns momentos. Mas apesar disso ela dobrou-se e apanhou uma nova estrela -do-mar correu até ao oceano e arremessou-a de volta. Depois olhou de volta para o velhote e disse,
"Bem, para aquela fez diferença !"
O velho olhou´para a menina inquisitivamente, e pensou no que ela tinha dito e feito. Inspirado juntou-se a ela e começou também a atirar estrelas-do-mar de volta para o oceano. Em breve outros juntaram-se a estes e todas as estrelas-do-mar foram salvas.

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Nothing new to add really, except that I stumbled upon this new great name of Fado called Carminho!
I was mesmerized by her voice and I am sure that she is going to be huge!
I do believe I´m in Love :)

Carminho - Meu amor marinheiro

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The stunning Iberian Lynx could be the first big cat to become extinct since the saber-toothed cat.

Iberian Lynx and cubs/Lince Ibérico e crias

Iberian Lynx PART 1

More than giving speeches about nature´s conservation, I like to maintain the healthy habit of conversation about nature´s conservation.

Diego Carvalho

Iberian Lynx, will be the title of a new series of posts that will show you a bit of something that these days Is becoming seriously neglected, and that Is of true importance :The nature that surrounds us and we take for granted: especially the “Natural” environment that exists in Portugal and under a much broader perspective the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) and that´s filled with an incredible richness(Wildlife speaking, of course!).

I hope that while presenting these posts we can touch that sensible spot that everyone owns but we´re becoming more and more detached from It , since we are living in a more industrial and artificial world we -And that Is: “Love for the natural world and It´s surroundings”.

For those of you who are following the SONG posts, rest assured that these series of posts are far from over. Therefore the name – SONG.A CONTINUOUS GIFT.

There are Four main reasons why I´ve decided to baptize these posts with the peculiar name Iberian Lynx: The first one is because The Iberian Lynx is an endangered species in the Iberian Peninsula. In fact these magnificent creatures were completely extinct in Portugal. Some will say that the continuous use (and abuse) of legal and illegal hunting is responsible for the disappearance of this particular species. Some others will point the finger at forest fires while others will say that the deforestation in order to built new cities is the main responsible. In my humble opinion that is all a big load of “crap”. Like that old saying goes: “Give me one thousand enemies, and I´ll give you one thousand excuses”. There Is only one reason why this has happened, an there´s a harsh word that sums it all up pretty well -STUPIDITY. And I don´t know about you, but I´m getting a bit tired of the “finger pointing game”, what I really want to ear since the problem as emerged and after the responsible, guilty parties are recognized and blamed is :“What can I do about it”? .

Under my limited scope of awareness that is the only way to solve eminent and urgent problems.

The second reason is that the Iberian Lynx In my humble opinion is a very beautiful animal, and It´s rareness only serves to add more beauty to this specific creature. Whenever I read something about these magnificent cats It feels, like I´m reading something about a Mystical creature like the unicorn. The ugly story of this particular fairy tale is that Unicorns are only real in the realm of Fantasy and the Iberian Lynx, is no fairy tail character. It makes me sad whenever I read a book or watch one of those nature documentaries that speak about “Endangered species”.

The third one, and since we are leaning over the subject of endangered species is the brilliant hard work that comes from the most endangered species of all and these are the “Nature conservationists”. These hard working champions are struggling worldwide to be heard and we owe them a lot .

The fourth and last but not least reason is that as I´m sure you are aware a huge number of brilliant persons have been assembling in Copenhagen to discuss the problem of “Global warming”and I truly hope that these conversations will be fruitfull for us all since we are discussing a huge problem that needs to be solved urgently . Yeah, I know. It´s December we are all close to Christmas, and who wants to ear about something so silly like global warming when you could go out shopping.

Let´s hope and pray that these group of brilliant people won´t become temporarily insane and think in the same manner!.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”

Old Native American proverb

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ALENTEJO - Povo que canta não pode morrer...


 John Lomax, who worked for the library of congress called himself a “ballad hunter” he and his son, Alan, drove all across America and made literally thousands of recordings. They were doing one of the most important things anyone could do: they were preserving the past, before it disappeared forever.

Martin Scorcese in THE BLUES

All American music Historians, and everybody, that is interested in traditional, folk music should be grateful, to Lomax for his pursuit of songs all over the U.S.A. In the late 1930´s.

Portugal too had a great “ballad hunter” of It´s own. And with him also a debt of gratitude that words can´t express enough.

His name was Michel Giacometti and he was Corsican and from the late 1960´s to about 1980´s this great man could be seen traveling, across Portugal visiting the more rural areas always searching for those songs that only the old timers knew. If Giacometti didn´t had the courage and the entrepreneur spirit that was part of his character I´m pretty sure that a lot of the Portuguese traditional folk songs would be forever forgotten. He fell in love with Portugal especially with Alentejo where he could be seen always carrying a microphone and a tape recorder. Michel Giacometti left a legacy of incredible richness behind him just like John Lomax did, and these few words are my homage to this great man this “foreigner” that loved red wine and the simple spirit of the Alentejo song.

Alentejo -Povo que canta não pode morrer/Alentejo -A people that sings cannot die

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There is nothing that I hate more than the plasticity of repetition. These are necessary words because of the brief note that I am about to leave here in this post of SONG. It will have nothing to do with the continuation of the bellow mentioned Portuguese music styles (sorry about that) but I wouldn´t feel good about myself If I didn´t added a few words about something that I believe that Is so revolutionary and wonderful that words become scarce to express.

Picture this -Picture a world where the most familiar word in your vocabulary is despair. Picture a world where the only smiling, faces or better yet grinning faces are the ones of drug dealers with fists full of money and human scum of similar trades. Picture a world where kids with ages between 10 and 14 kill themselves in turf wars day in and day out like dogs pissing to mark territory. Picture a world where more than half the people you know will die of violent death. Well this world as a name -SLUM. You don´t have to go to Africa or to some other continent with an unpronounceable name because there isn´t a single place on earth where these sort of neighbourhoods don´t appear.

There isn´t really, some sort of eden because all societies that produce richness will also produce It´s inverse effect no matter how much one tries to sugar coat the situation. Now picture this -Image that very same slum, but every once in a while some little boy or girl will be offered a musical instrument. And with It the chance to learn to play It. And the cost of this will be nothing, zero, nada. Imagine that this little boy or girl will become so skillful with this musical instrument that he or she will have the chance to belong not to a gang but a musical band. And not just any musical band but a full symphony Orchestra. Imagine that this Orchestra will, travel around the world and this little boy or girl would get in touch with other cultures, languages and ways of life. Imagine windows of opportunities opening where before only despair, existed.

I know, It sounds too good to be true. But, some men (some few men) dared to make this supposed impossible dream come true. And they are José Antonio Abreu and Dudamel.

Together they are the leaders of the greatest GANG of young musicians that carry only hope, confidence, optimism and wonderful music as weapons to fight for a brighter and much happier future.

I raise my glass to all of them.

Gustavo Dudamel Mambo

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There were too many things to mention about Fado but since the theme is so wide I would have to write an entire Blog about it. So, this is pretty much the closing chapter before taking you guys and gals trough a little tour at some other Portuguese musical genres. But I wouldn´t feel good about myself If I didn´t mentioned the name of a man that dignified so well the music genre that is Fado.

The name is Carlos Paredes. And since there really isn´t information about him in the English version of Wikipedia I believe that It´s up to me to leave you with a very short chapter about who was this magnificent musician and person.

Carlos Paredes ( Born: Coimbra / February 16 -1925 Died : Lisbon / July 23 -2004) He was a composer and a Portuguese Guitarist, one of the great Portuguese guitarists (The greatest according to me and some other people) and he did an amazing job divulging the Portuguese guitar. He is a unique symbol of the Portuguese culture. He was the son, grandson, and great grandson (and so on) of well known Portuguese guitarists themselves. I´m sorry but I must open another parenthesis here ( It´s not a known fact If he left children to keep the family tradition, at least I don´t believe he did but there is one thing that makes me extremely happy, because in these days, whenever I speak with some guys from my generation, or with some younger guys that love Fado they all know the name Carlos Paredes and besides that, there is a all new generation of Portuguese Guitarists appearing because of the musical influence of this great man). Needless to say there was a ton of things that could be said about him, It´s in fact because of him that I learned to appreciate Fado. I mentioned earlier that I would explain this In full detail so here is a brief explanation : you see according to some Fado music is usually linked to the word Saudade (that has no match in the English language but could be understood as nostalgia or missing something or someone ), okay, this is correct but there´s one link that´s missing in this chain.

You see, the word Saudade Isn´t something exclusive of the Portuguese language because before one tries to understand It one must feel It. The reason because I truly love the music of Carlos Paredes it´s because he can explain this peculiar word so well to everyone no matter his or her origin, religion, age, nationality,academic formation or any sort of background without the use of a single word. He was able to capture the very essence of Fado and translate into that universal language known to everyone as" music". And since we are not machines but human beings we can all feel and therefore understand. And that happened to me, I understood.

So now, If you will allow me we will try something that I don´t believe that anyone did so far.

I will try to explain to you the very meaning of the word Saudade. To do that I will only ask of you to read these following words but I want you to open the music called verdes anos that you see bellow. Please remember don´t try to look for the meaning because the meaning will find you. O.k, is the music starting ? Are you ready ? Here we go...


What is saudade ?...

Saudade is the fisherman´s wife that waits for her husband by the beach...

Saudade is watching the sun after the eclipse...

Saudade is the words that we forgot to say to our loved ones before they departed...

Saudade is the child that opens the cage for the little bird, and gives it freedom...

Saudade is the sun that sets on the horizon ...

Saudade is that seed you planted that olds the promise of one thousand forests...

Saudade is the very first breath of the new born...

Saudade is all the love that we gave and was given to us...

Saudade is that single kiss that symbolizes all the kisses we gave and were given back to us...

Saudade is that single tear that symbolizes all the aches and pains we ever felt...

Saudade is that laugh that  symbolizes all the happiness we felt and will ever feel...

Saudade is the soldier´s return from war...

Saudade is time never standing still...

Saudade is the wind dancing trough the fields...

Saudade is the destiny that we choose for ourselves...

Saudade is the emigrant that is starting a new life in a new land ...

Saudade is holding your newborn for the very first time...

Saudade is the lightning that fills the night with light ...

Saudade is saying farewell to those you love...

Saudade is looking at the moon reflexion by the river...

Saudade is the first and last season of our lives ...

Saudade is fate and fate is saudade...

Saudade is that brief encounter with your lover after waiting one thousand years...

Saudade is birth and death...

Saudade is silence ...

Saudade is the salt of tears and sea...

Saudade is all there is was and will be...

Saudade is whatever you want It to be...

Saudade... it´s you, and it´s me...

See you soon !.

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Like I´ve told you before in SONG -A CONTINOUS ACT.PART 3. Fado as evolved and adapted over the years. In It´s original formation Fado music is always presented in the same fashion.

You have a male or female singer accompanied by one or two classical guitar musicians and one or two Portuguese guitar musicians. If you´ve watched that late footage of the song “Estranha forma de vida” performed by Amália Rodrigues you will see Fado music performed In It´s purest most classical and most tradicional form. Now, that is Fado pure and simple !; But over the years Fado as evolved and adapted. So In our days You can see Fado music performed In different ways. Usually there will still remain the formation of singer plus classical guitar plus Portuguese guitar but

Joining them could be a piano or a flute or a pan pipe or even a full orchestra. And after the year 2000 sky was the limit. I´ve been listening to versions of Fado played with electrical guitars, basse

guitars, drumsets , and all sorts of technological and electrical Instruments. And not only that but even the very structure of Fado was changed, so know It´s common to hear It with with influences from jazz , rock n´d roll, Brazilian music, African music , pop music , and so on.

It´s not up to me to tell you If this Is a good or a bad thing , I don´t consider myself a traditionalist. It´s my belief that all things should evolve and adapt and this includes all music styles according to my perspective. There is only one thing that really bothers me , you see some of these versions of Fado have distanced themselves so much from It´s origins that even If they have a similar appearance with this music genre they aren´t really Fado songs. They are like sheep in wolves clothing. Let me show you an example of what I mean : If you are a gourmet and love Italian cuisine you probably know the difference between Lasana and noodles. So, If you walked into an Italian restaurant and ordered a plate of Lasana and the waiter brought you back a Plate of noodles covered with ketchup you probably wouldn´t eat It, because even If they are similar they aren´t the same thing , do you see what I mean ?.

But this poses no objection to the big music corporations that use as motto peculiar and stupid phrases like: If you cook something long enough you can eat It (we don´t care If It´s edible or not). Simply because they don´t and never will have love for music. These sort of characters love only one thing - money.

You see, this bothers me because over the years I´ve learned to love this music style.

I know that this may sound confusing to you especially If you are a very practical person. You may wonder -What does he mean with learning to love ? You do, or you don´t !. -So I humbly beg of you, to please allow me to explain.

Like I´ve mentioned to you earlier Fado after a period of decreased popularity is becoming once again popular. And why is that happening ?. -Well, there really isn´t an explanation, or there Is but I´m afraid that It will sound silly. Well, but silly or not here goes - Fado isn´t just a simple music style, Fado Is In fact something very mystical and with a personality of It´s own. - Are you laughing ?, No ? -Laughing or not I´ll keep going -Fado is the very representation of the Portuguese spirit In It´s very essence, In other words It´s the soul of my country ( because every country has a soul , believe It or not ) , And since all souls are attached to something living this one cannot be detached from Portugal , because Portugal like all other countries as life In It.

So what happened was that for a certain period of time The Portuguese people became unattached with this spirit because they were experiencing something very new and wonderful called freedom after a long period of oppression , and we fell In love with other foreign things and almost forgot the beauty we had in our one backyards. Almost like a teenage love affair, but as I´m sure you are aware teenage Love affairs don´t last long, because they lack maturity and responsibility.

You see the very same thing happened to me. Once I too fell In love and after falling out of love I felt the need to express the feeling of loneliness and void inside of me. I didn´t know how to until I listened to Fado. You see, before this happened I heard Fado dozens of times but I never really “listened”. And there Is a big difference between hearing and listening no matter what others may tell you. And like magic there It was the explanation to all of those aches and pains I felt but could not explain. I had a friend that once told me that you can look for Fado everywhere but you will never find It , It will find you when you least expect It.

Little did I knew, that he was right !...but I´ll explain this better to you In my next post.

For now I´ll leave you with the voice of one of my very favourite Fado singers.

Ladies and Gentleman here is... Camané.

CAMANÉ "Sei de um Rio"

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Amália Rodrigues - Estranha Forma de Vida


To write about Fado without mentioning Amália Rodrigues is like writing about pastry without mentioning flour or sugar. There was a lot to say about this unique woman that brought so much richness to this particular music style and that divulged it worldwide with her unique voice.

It´s almost impossible to use the word Fado without linking it to the name Amália and I´m pretty sure that there are a lot of foreign folks out there that would not even know where Portugal is if they didn´t linked the name Amália to my country. I won´t develop a lot about Amália since you can read about her and about other Fado singers in the Hiperlinks painted in Blue along the texts.

And, If I try to develop a lot about Fado and especially about Amália I would have to eventually write an entire book, and I have no interest in doing such a thing.

Not only female Fado singers made it to stardom, there are and were in the past a lot of male Fado performers that were really great. Among them is Carlos do Carmo who is thankfully still singing and is a major if not the biggest contributor to this Music style and also played a great part divulging it worldwide. To make a brief note about him let´s just say hat Carlos do Carmo is to Fado what Frank Sinatra was to jazz. He is without a doubt one of the greatest Fado singers of all times. Now I´m going to share something with you that might just shock you a bit – When I was a kid In my teens I really “HATED FADO”. How is this possible, Some of you may ask !? - Well, let me explain -Have you ever heard that sometimes somethings skip a generation ?. -You see, in the old days when my grandparents were young in the 30´s,40´s,and 50´s Fado was “hip” mostly because there were´nt a lot of music styles around. Sure, you could listen to some Jazz, Tango or Opera but the most common musical genre available to everyone was Fado that you could listen to in the taverns and on the Radio. Then in the 50´s ,60´s,and 70´s a huge new musical style kicked in hard, ROCK AND ROLL. Have you ever heard how rock n´d roll changed the world ?. -Yeah, such statement is true. Sure enough when my parents were in their teens this was the Cool thing to ear. Of course that you would still listen to Fado and some other music genres but "Heart break hotel" from Elvis and "Love me do" from the beatles and other pop songs were in the hearts and minds of the teenage Portuguese people especially because back in those days Portugal was still under the Fascist Dictatorship of Salazar. The youngsters wanted to try new things new lifestyles and most of all wanted to be free. A new music genre also appeared in those days called “Intervention music”. I will show you a bit of It in my final post. In 1974 came the carnation revolution and with It the end of Fascism.

I was born in 1974 and to tell you the truth Fado wasn´t exposed to everyone as a “pop” thing. Truth be told when I was a little kid Fado was ridiculed a lot. If one said in public school that he loved Fado he would most probably be really beaten up by the other kids. Sure enough that Fado wasn´t dead, far from It, but television and radio broad casted the American and English music styles a lot, and never forget that this were the days when rock and roll mutated into punk rock, rock ballads, heavy metal e.t.c. and these music styles exploded into a million new branches creating all sorts of new music genres. I usually call these the “FAST -FOOD DAYS”.

As mentioned before I wasn´t greatly exposed to Fado songs except when I listened to a bit of Amália on TV ( thank God she was still singing back then ) and on a few occasional times when I joined granddad in the old taverns when after a few ( probably a lot ) glasses of wine were poured and emptied one of those old timers would say something like – you guys, see If you remember this one ?! - and some old timer would start singing a tune and after that another guy would sing another different song. I guess, It was during those days that my love for Fado began to grow, very slowly but surely.

The strangest thing happened in the late 90´s and in the beginning of the year 2000. Fado once again became “hip”, I will explain why that happened in my next post and also how Fado mutated Itself from hate to love until it turned into a new Love affair for me.We have a proverb that it´s told in every Fado house before the singer starts to act. -Silêncio, que se vai cantar o Fado. -Silence, because Fado is about to be heard.

Without the need for any more words, I´ll leave to the voice of Amália Rodrigues.

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HI, folks -And how are you all doing ? -O.K. ? -I hope so !

Now, this is the third and probably ( I´m not sure yet ! ) the semi final post that I am going to write about Fado. To follow I´m just going to give you an insight about A popular instrument called Portuguese guitar and Portuguese guitarists. And the last post will be a quick random look about other Portuguese music styles.

Now, as I´ve mentioned and emphasized before on SONG -A CONTINOUS ACT.PART 2. not all

Fado songs speak about fate. Yes, It´s true that at It´s core Fado Is a sort of depressive music style, really!.Usually related to the silence of the night and the mysteries around It, bad fortune, disgrace,

fate, jealousy, Love, shadows, loneliness, and so on. That´s why usually when a female singer goes on stage she is wearing a black dress and the main instruments that join her voice are Portuguese guitars that produce those characteristic melodies that sound like small cries.

When she is doing this she is playing the part of the weeping widow, she is misery and pane incarnated. But enaf of sadness, besides I don´t want to depress you !. I was going to tell you about the more merry versions of Fado.

Let´s say that a male Fado singer is going to be a dad.

Now, unless he is a poor bastard that can´t afford to feed his child he isn´t going to sing a song about how unfortunate he is. Quite the opposite. He has to show you hapiness. But how is one supposed to show happiness in such a melancholic music style ? - Well, that´s the beauty about music , music is like water and wind...It´s adaptable. So, this guy would write a merry tune about how happy he is about being a dad, and the guitarists would speed up the tune but still maintaining

It´s structure. It is still Fado only sang in a different manner to obtain a different state of mind. Did I make myself clear? - I hope so.

Now, over the years Fado as evolved and adapted, Like all music styles do. I´ve listened to a lot of different versions of this music style,and In my next an final post about Fado I´m going to show you a few examples of It.

For now I have to say farewell, but I´ll leave you with a merry version of Fado performed by a quite recent band called Deolinda. I really love this music clip because It was filmed near my house. It doesn´t matter If you don´t understand Portuguese, just try to follow the structure.

The female singer is telling the story of how a certain boy isn´t good enough for her because she is too much of a woman. Notice the detail of the Hawaiian hula dancers,,,funny stuff.

Enjoy ! :)

Deolinda- Fado Toninho

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Since I was a kid I always had the peculiar idea to compare songs and tunes from several different countries, styles and origins with each other. Not only that, but I´ve always been curious about where such and such particular music style originated from and the evolution of the same.

And as time goes by It seems to me that this peculiar hobby has been fruitfull.

I would like to add that I am not a musician. I couldn´t play an instrument If my life depended upon It, and I can´t sing neither. Well, maybe in the shower ? But then – can´t we all?

You are probably wondering why I´ve placed this small video of the great past female jazz/blues singer
  Billie Holiday bellow.         

Why did this crazy guy placed a blues song when he was writing about Fado ?. -You might ask. -Well I´ll tell you why!. Compare both songs. No, I don´t want you to pick up a English - Portuguese dictionary and compare words. I want you to listen to the tempos.

I want you to listen to the hurt engraved on the song. I want you to feel the expression behind the words.

O.K. Now let me ask you. Did you found similarities ? - Yeah, you probably did.

But before a wave of critics from several continents fall down on me like a ton of bricks accusing

me of saying that Blues is Fado and Fado is Blues, let me just add that I never mentioned such a thing. But please , just allow me to exercise my freedom of speech even If you are a music scholar

that doesn´t agree with me.

The word Fado derives from the Latin word “fatum” meaning in English “fate”.

And most Fado songs speak just about that -fate. Now the word fate could be separated into two particular items. 1. Good fate. 2. Bad fate. Fate in itself is a word that seems unconditional.

You have It , good or bad and you can´t get rid of it. Because it is what it is...It´s fate.

The God´s have spoken...period. And most Fado songs (notice the emphasis on the word “most”, not all) Fado songs speak just about It...fate, and It´s many stories , because It was fate that brought this or that person sadness because he or she lost someone or something that truly loved and that turned into deep sadness that one could ear , feel and express oneself trough the gift of song.

Now, let me ask you something -If you turn back the clock to those days where the Negro cotton pickers were very poor and forced to work in a land that wasn´t theirs to survive for little or no pay does it not pop up in your memory the word... fate ?

You might say that the Mississippi Delta isn´t Lisbon city and you are right. But there is one peculiar thing that I´ve been telling some of my countrymen and most of the times I never seem to get a assertive answer. Fado like Blues share a common ground...Africa.

Searching deep down in the roots of history over the years It as become my firm belief that both music styles derive from those poor people that were carried against their will in slave ships.

And do you know of anyone that could express fate so well as the person that lost everything like the poor African on board of those slave ships ?.

All of the rest is adaptation and evolution.

And isn´t it of common knowledge that Portugal, North America and many other countries dealt in the past in such shameful business venture.

Than again , I could be wrong.

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit


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This month I´ve decided to present you guys with a bit of Portuguese culture. This will also be one of the topics in this Blog instead of just "gags" and other stuff.

I´ve decided to do this step by step without following no particular order.

I won´t be boring giving you dates and hard facts about this and that. You can do that by yourselves by "Googling" that which may interest you. All that I am trying to do is to give you a sort of personal interpretation of what “I think and believe” about some particular things.

So let´s start with a topic that everybody loves -Music.

Every nation and culture have that one or two  characteristic  sounds that define them. Everybody knows that if you think of Africa probably the sound of drums will pop up on your mind.

But as I´m sure you are aware, not all Africans play percussion instruments. Some of them play the piano, some play violin, and some even play electric guitar. After all this is the 21st century.

Let´s start with the most  characteristic music type in the Portuguese culture. FADO.

Bellow , you can have a little taste of it sung by a popular and most beautiful female Fado singer named Cristina Branco.

If you don´t understand Portuguese there´s no need to worry.

Fado should be listened with your heart and not just with the ears.

If you do that everything will be just fine.

But the story doesn´t end here. So stay tuned.

Cristina Branco - Fado nos sentidos / Fado in my senses

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Jacob the carrier Pigeon / Jacob o pombo correio

My friend Jacob the carrier pigeon came this morning for breakfast. I hadn´t seen him in a long time.

-"How´s it hanging ?" I asked the pigeon that was trying to maintain it´s balance on my window ledge.

It looked at me with that "seen it all, done it all, been everywhere"

expert look in it´s eyes. There were no need for words, really!.

I picked up some bird seed and watched him pecking away on it.

After that, it looked at me and sort of asked "Do you want me to deliver any

messages ?. "

I said no.`Cause I know he´s a really busy guy.

So he said thanks and just flew away waving goodbye to me with both wings untill it became a little dot

in the sky.

-I wonder where he went?!. It´s possible that someday he might show up in your window ledge!.

If he does you might want to give him some bird seed.

He isn´t peculiar, any brand will do.

O meu amigo Jacob o pombo correio apareceu esta manhã para o pequeno -almoço.

Já não o via à imenso tempo.

-"Como vai isso ?",  Perguntei ao pombo que tentava manter o equilíbrio no parapeito da

janela. Ele  olhou para mim com aquele olhar de expert "já vi tudo, já fiz de tudo, estive em todo o lado"

Realmente não havia necessidade de palavras.

Fui buscar algumas sementes para pássaros e observei -o a bicar nelas.

Depois disso ele olhou para mim e perguntou -"Queres que te entregue alguma mensagem ?."

Eu disse que não. Porque sei que é um tipo muito ocupado.

Então agradeceu e voou para longe acenando para mim com ambas as asas até se transformar num

pequeno ponto no céu.

Pergunto-me aonde ele foi ?!. É possível que algum dia ele apareça no parapeito da tua janela.

Se ele aparecer talvez lhe queiras dar um pouco de sementes para pássaros.

Ele não é esquisito, qualquer marca serve.

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To Emma with Love / Para a Emma com amor

This is probably the only really important post that I have ever
written since I started this Blog.
After browsing my eyes trough Kim Ayres blog I´ve encountered this chance to brighten up my day by doing something positive.
So to Little Emma here´s a little token of love.
I invite you all to do the same.

PT./Comunidade de língua portuguesa.Portugal,Africa,Brasil
Este é provavelmente o único post importante que eu escrevo desde que comecei este blog.Após dar uma passagem de olhos pelo blog de Kim Ayres encontrei a possibilidade de trazer um pouco de brilho à minha vida ao fazer algo de positivo.Assim para a pequena Emma aqui vai uma pequena prova de carinho.
Convido-os todos a fazer o mesmo.

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Apenas mais um dia de domingo movimentado onde todo o género de pessoas corriam para trás e para a frente para cima e para baixo pelas ruas da Cidade mais Cosmopolita e

conhecida da Capital do país. Muitos dos quais eram donos de lojas locais à espera de fazer um pouco de negócio com o fim da maré de turistas veraneantes.

Miúdos locais enchiam os Centros comerciais à descoberta do próximo filme sangrento que surgisse no cinema.Tambem alguns idosos reformados saiam de casa à procura

de um pouco de companhia e de algum vinho nas já não tão proeminentes tabernas.Turistas de todas as nacionalidades podiam ser vistos aqui e ali na busca de

algum "tesouro raro" olhando através das montras das lojas locais.A maior parte deles sentia -se defraudada suponho eu.Porque os artigos expostos para venda eram exactamente os mesmos que eram vendidos nos grandes centros de comércio dos seus paises de origem.

Esse é um dos problemas da Globalização, suponho.Estamos a tornar-nos cada vez mais parecidos um com os outros tal como cópias de fotocopiadoras.Comemos a mesma comida,vestimos as mesmas roupas,ouvimos a mesma música,trabalhamos nos mesmos empregos,vivemos pelos mesmos padrões em toda a parte e carregamos a nossa vida tal qual fardo pesado um dia atrás do outro.(Desculpem, hoje sinto-me um pouco azedo).

Mas estou a perder-me ,estava prestes a contar-lhes uma pequena história que me aconteceu ontem.O.K. então mais uma vez do início...Eu estava sentado numa esplanada

de um café bastante popular e movimentado a beber umas cervejas apenas a relaxar a olhar para o rio e a escutar o burburinho das muitas línguas faladas à minha volta.

A lingua Portuguesa misturava-se com as línguas Francesa,Inglesa,Italiana e Japonesa criando um som internacional alto e vivo que é suposto existir em todas as esplanadas dos cafés muito cheios e bem frequentados.O cheiro a castanhas assadas encheu o ar quando passou um vendedor ambulante a empurrar um carrinho

de mão encimado por algo que parecia uma pequena chaminé.Esta pequena chaminé era na verdade uma pitoresca panela de assar castanhas que ficava agarrada ao carrinho de mão e que possuia a característica de também ser um pequeno forno a carvão.Este género de fornos hoje em dia em que ser fornos eléctricos por causa das "Medidas de higiene profiláticas extremamente rigorosas e não respires em cima de mim ou podes encher-me de germes novas leis Europeias de segurança e higiene " .

Este género de fornalhas saõ feitas de aço inox o que na verdade" rouba" o sabor genuino da castanha assada Portuguesa cozinhada no carvão.Assim passaram de fomidáveis

a simplesmente comestíveis.A Profissão em si também está a acabar pois num mundo futurista cada vez mais rápido e em crescimento contínuo tristemente parece não haver espaco para "vendedores ambulantes" que empurram carrinhos de mão pelos passeios.Assim apenas os muito pobres ainda vão mantendo a tradição das velhas profissões.

Levantei-me da cadeira e comprei meia dúzia de castanhas assadas ao vendedor, conforme ele entregava-me as mesmas enrroladas no pacote de cartão quente gritou o habitual pregão "QUEM QUER QUENTES E BOAS" para quem quisesse ouvir.Sentei-me novamente e Alguns turistas Japoneses imitaram-me e compraram alguns pacotes.

Vi-os a mastigar completamente deliciados.Entre estes estava uma mulher que amamentava o bébé enquanto mastigava castanhas e bebia cerveja.

O Gerente do café dirigiu-se até mim num passo rápido e aproximando-se da minha mesa disse -Senhor, desculpe mas não pode comer aqui,é política da casa sabe ?

Pensei para comigo que se calhar eu tinha "cara de cu" escrito na minha testa ou se calhar tinha-me esquecido de tomar duche e barbear-me.Se calhar estava a dar

um mau exemplo aos turistas comprando artigos comestíveis locais a vendedores de rua que provavelmente traziam escondidos debaixo das vestes horrendos vírus mortais do tamanho de ratazanas

e ainda por cima não deviam lavar as mãos antes de almoçar.Ou então aquele idiota não gostava de um bocadinho de competição amigável dos vendedores ambulantes locais.

Como disse ? -Perguntei eu (Enquanto media aquele cretino de alto a baixo à procura da melhor zona para dar-lhe um pontapé).

-É como lhe digo (RETORQUIU O ESTÚPIDO)não pode comer nada que não possa ser comprado no café.

-Bem,e então beber ? -perguntei.Porque aquele senhor baixinho ali está a beber leite que não foi comprado no seu estabelecimento por isso acho que devia falar com ele!?!

Apontei para a senhora Japonesa conforme ela amamentava o bébé do modo mais natural e espontaneo possivel como todas as mães do mundo fazem desde sempre.

O paneleirote saiu a murmurar algumas palavras baixas e incompreensíveis provavelmente contra a minha Mãe enquanto se recolhia de novo para dentro do café.

Enquanto a mulher tomava a cerveja o bébé mamava como se não houvesse amanhã~e provavelmente acabaria a sua refeição bêbado e feliz.

Reparei quando um grupo de clientes(todos homens) esbugalhavam os olhos ao peito semi desnudado da mulher.Pensei para comigo que aqueles pobres tipos se calhar tinham sido todos amamentados a biberão em pequenos.

Paguei a minha conta e sai do café a rir-me sozinho e apanhei o eléctrico ia até à colina com "lugar nenhum" como destino na mente.

Não pude deixar de reparar ao olhar através da janela do eléctrico num corvo solitário que fazia círculos lá bem em cima no céu.Um ponto negro e solitário que contrastava com

a cor acizentada e Outonal das nuvens.

Sabem, é que costumavam existir muitos corvos na minha cidade natal mas um certo ÁLGUEM influente teve a ideia brilhante que estes tipos não eram higiénicos e que estariam

melhor fechados nalguma gaiola em algum zoo.Agora apenas alguns eram vistos de tempos a tempos a circular pelo ar sem destino.Verdadeiros párias(pensei para comigo)

Livres e dignos o suficiente para trilhar os céus sempiternos de Deus mas desmerecedores de pousar em terra pois estas eram aves negras e feias que nunca preencheriam a

imagem standartizada de querubins alados com asas brancas rechonchudos e loiros criados pela ideia retorcida de valor dos Humanos.

E sinto pena que assim seja pois sempre gostei de Corvos.

Sem saber muito bem porquê larguei uma gargalhada sonora.

-A vontade de erguer estátuas é tão poderosa como a vontade de as derrubar.



Just another busy sunday and all sorts of people rushed back and forth up and down the city streets of the most Cosmopolitan and knowned countrie´s Capital . Most of them where local shop owners hoping to do a little business with the end of the of the summer tourist flow.Local kids filled the shopping centers looking for the next bloodiest movie on screen. Also some retired old people left theirhomes in search of a little company and some wine in the local an not so more proeminent taverns.Turists of all nationalities could be seen here and there looking for some "rare tresour" trought the local store windows.Most of them I presume felt ripped off because the items being sold were exactly the same items that were sold at the shopping centers at their countries.

That´s one of the problems of globalization I suppose,we all get more and more similar to one another like xerox machine copies.Eating the same food, dressing the same clothes,listening to the same music,working in the same jobs,living by the same standarts everywhere and carrying our lives like a heavy burden day in day out.(Sorry,I feel a little sour today).But I´m beginning to loose myself,I was about to tell you a few little stories that happened yesterday.O.K. Once again from the beginning...I sat down in a busy and popular Street café and had a few beers just relaxing looking at the river and listening to the murmur of the many diffeent spoken languages around me.

The portuguese got mixed with the French ,English, Italian and Japanese language creating an international loud and lively sound that is suposed to exist in every busy and frequented Street café.The smell of roasted chestnuts filled the air as a local vendor appeared pushing a little cart on wheels topped by what it seemed to be a a little chimney.This little chimney was in fact a roasting pot attatched to the cart that was a furnace on wheels filled with hot coal. These kind of furnaces have to be nowadays electric ovens because of the "profilactic higienic don´t breathe next to me or you might fill me with germs new European laws of safety and higiene " They´re made of Inox stainless steel which really "steals" the characteristic flavour of thePortuguese roated chestnuts coocked in hot coal.So they just passed from formidable to edible.The profession itself is ending because in a faster and non stop increasing futuristic developing world sadly there seems to be no room for "ambulant vendors" that stroll little karts along the sidewalks .So, only the very poor people still carry the traditions of the old professions. I lifted my chair and bought half a dozen roasted chestnuts from the vendor,as he passed me the rolled hot newspaper wrapped package and shouted the usuall "get them while their hot" street cry for everyone that wanted to listen.I sat back down and a few Japanese tourists lifted their seats and bought themselves some chestnuts.I saw them munching away in sheer delight.Among them was a Woman that was breastfeeding her baby while eating chestnuts and drinking some beer.

The Café manager rushed towards me and approached my table saying -Sir,I´m sorry but ,you can´t eat here, house polilitics you see?

I tought to myself that perhaps I had" asshole" written in my forehead or maybeI forgot to shower and shave.After all I was giving a bad example to tourists buying local edible items from street vendors that might be filled with horrendous rat size virus and probably didn´t washed their hands before lunch. Or maybe this idiot didn´t liked a little healthy competition from the local street vendors.

Come again? -I asked (Measuring this fellow up and down looking for the best spot to kick him).

-It´s like I tell you,you can´t eat anything that isn´t bought in the Café.-Well,and what about drink? -I asked.Because that little fellow over there is drinking milk that wasn´t bought in your Café so I really think you should speak to him !?!

I pointed at the Japanese lady as she breastfed her baby in the most natural and spontaneous way that mother´s do for millions of years.The faggot left mumbling in a low voice some uncomprehemsible nasty words probably against my mother as he rushed inside the Café. As the woman drank the beer the kid suckled like there was no tomorrow and would probably finish his meal happy and drunk.

I noticed how a group of customers(all men) gouged their eyes at the half showing breast of the woman.I tought to myself that these poor fellows were all probably bottlefed when they were infants.I paid my bill and left the Café table laughing to myself and made my way up hill taking the electric street car with "nowhere" as my destination point .I couldn´t help to notice watching trough the electric car window a lonely crow circling up in the air.A lonely black dot contrasting theAutumn greish sky colour.You see there used to be a lot of Crows in my hometown but an influencial someone had the brilliant idea that these guys weren´t higienic and they would be best off in some zoo.Now only a few of them were seen from time to time circling the air without destination. True outcasts (I tought to myself ) free and worthy enough to roam God´s neverending sky but unworthy to set foot in land because they wereBlack and ugly birds of evil omen never fullfilling the standards of the chubby blond white wing cherubs created by mens twisted idea of worth. And I fell sorry about that because I´ve always loved the crows.

Not knowing really why,I started laughing out loud.

-The urge of lifting up statues is as powerfull as the urge of knocking them down.

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Neném, por favor não me deixa

Nénem,por favor não me deixa
Não me abandone escute minha queixa
Aquele cara levou você de mim
Sozinho abandonado eu fiquei assim
Nénem não me deixa não
Perdido nessa solidão....ãõãõãõ
O seu perfume ainda não me largou
Mas você foi embora quando outro cara te chamou... ououou
Sem você eu tou ficando louco
Fica comigo meu bem
Fica comigo nénem
As suas curvas a sua pele dourada
As suas coxas redondas, suas formas delicadas
Vem e preenche meu "vazio"
Sem ti me sinto perdido e sem rumo com frio
Nénem preciso tanto de você
Será que tu não vai compreender
Por ti eu ultrapasso qualquer fila
Imagino nós dois na esplanada
Você na minha frente eu bebendo cerveja gelada
Mas aquele cara levou você de mim
Ele tava em primeiro na lista
Meu bem querida amor
Ele te levou de mim levou o seu calor
Mas esse cara não te merece
Ele vai te comer todinha e dizer depois ...me esquece
Nénem deixa ele e volta pra mim
Nénem,por favor não me deixa
Não me abandone escute minha queixa.

Dedicado a um frango frito que não fui capaz de comprar no sábado passado
porque era o último e dedico esta letra em particular a todos os poucos compositores
talentosos e famintos que andam por ai que não conseguem vender a sua música
porque o negócio da mesma está entupido com canções estupidas e que são Best-sellers
pois são cantadas por Popstars que não têm talento mas em compensação tem enormes BUNDAS.

Baby, please don´t go

Baby,why did you had go away 

After I begged you to stay 

That other guy took you away from me 

Baby,Baby can´t you see ? 

Why did you had to go...oo.ooo.....ooooooo! 

Don´t leave me ,please no...ooo...oooo...o ! 

Your sweet smell still intoxicates me 

Your golden skin still on my mind 

My mouth waters just thinking about you 

After you left, I cry all the time 

Oh Baby why can´t you stay ? 

You can´t just go away...eiei.....eieieiii 

Your beautyfull curves 

The thickness of your thighs 

Please come and fill my "void" 

Please don´t believe in his lies 

Baby, I need you so bad 

Can´t you see ? 

That for you I would cross any line !?! 


I picture us both,on that table 

You in front of me 

And I drinking wine 

But you left with some guy,aiai...aiaiai ! 

He was first in line 

He won´t be kind 

Not like me 

He´s gonna turn you into a little pile of bones 

Can´t you see ? 

He won´t be kind to you 

Not like me

Baby,Baby,Baby...Ba...by !

Dedicated to a fried chicken that I was unable to buy last saturday
because it was the last one,And to those few talented starving songwriters
out there that can´t sell theyr Lyricks because the music business
Is jammed with stupid songs that are best sellers on account they are sung by
crappy little popstars that show little talent but a lot of ass.

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