terça-feira, 11 de maio de 2010

: )

Today I was quite surprised when I found out that a lot pictures and a few of my Photos were missing from this blog.
I scratched my head and wondered what I had done wrong, and I still can´t find an awnswer for it.
So, i´ve spent the last couple of hour trying to fix the damage, but unfortunately discovered that a lot of the stuff that I used in the past was missing.
So, I guess that the bicando blog will be a bit incomplete.
For those of you that have been blogging for a longer period than me perhaps you can give me a awnswer for why did this happened.
Well anyway, I guess that one shouldn´t cry over spilled milk.
Currently it´s Nightime here in Lisbon, the weather is warm, there is a full moon and a refreshing slight breeze brings me the smell of bread from a baker store near my house.
So, to those of you who are starting the day I wish you a good day and for those of you who are getting ready for bed I wish you a good night´s sleep.
I wish a could end this small text with some sort of good advice or a deep philosophical question that would make the world ponder upon it and somehow turn it around for the better, but right now all i have is sleep.
O.K. I just remembered a very small poetry that i really love, so here goes nothing:

A puny little  fly
Will land in any piece of crap
As it will joyfully do,
In any Boss`s bald spot.

See you !  :)

6 comentários:

  1. Lol :) It was just nice to read your little musings but the poem at the end was a nice touch!

  2. As fotos voltam... aconteceu no meu, era bug do blogger ;)
    gostei do teu relato da noite... ;)
    (i'm a boss...)

  3. Library girl ,Thank´s it´s good to ear from you !
    Love you !

    Green Eyes, linda obrigado pelo esclarecimento.
    Ainda assim, grande porcaria.
    Devo-te e aos que leem em Portugues um pedido de desculpas mas não me tem apetecido mt fazer traduções de volta para o Portugues.
    Eu vou improvisando, aliás como já deu para ver.
    A poesia é uma tradução minha do António Aleixo, consegues adivinhar qual ?
    Beijos e fico feliz que já estejas melhor.

  4. Por mim não precisas pedir desculpa, eu leio assim :))

    Gosto dos teus improvisos!
    Acho que conheço e até a compreendo muito bem... ;) mas no original era um doutor, certo? ;)

    Beijo e obrigada pelo apoio :))
    (tenho de fazer um esforço, a caty nunca me queria ver triste :))

  5. Hmm, remember one time when you clicked my blog and was directed to a advertising page? I think the coding might have been moved, therefore the html is working. That's as much as I can comprehend..

  6. Suni, thank´s !
    This is a pain in the ass.