terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010

Sonha...e atreve-te a dar asas ao teu sonho / Dream...and dare to release your dreams

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  1. to soar
    this nature's dream returns
    a hawk

    __Seems... a bird-of-prey, keeper's glove; allow your dreams to soar, and if they return they, then, are yours.
    __A dream, is the prey of its dreamer. _m

  2. amazing,
    thank you fr the sweet comments!

  3. é importante lutar e realizar sonhos!!!
    mil bjosss

  4. Indeed! Although my dream is to be back in my home town and eat as much as I can:) (food is so different here)

  5. Christiejolu , Thank you little sister !

    Magyar , you are as talented as you are wise !
    Thank you.

    Athena. Keep dreaming little one !

    Andrea Mari concordo consigo !!!! Beijos mil !

    suni , you just made me hungry hahaha !
    I would love to buy you dinner one of these days !

    flying eagle woman , sweet Mother it´s always good to ear from you !!!
    I hope that you are O.K.