sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

Iberian Lynx PART 2

A truly amazing gift, from a truly amazing artist.
Thank you so very much Suni.
Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou !!!

Suni , I loved It !!!

11 comentários:

  1. What elements used to paint? Could say it is oil but maybe I'm wrong.

  2. Catalina, La mejor pregunta directamente a Suni, ella le explicarán mejor que yo, pero creo que tienes razón, y que es el oleo.

  3. Y gracias por el poema... tuyo no? Espero que no sea copy past.

    More gretting!

  4. a beautiful gift, from the heart! very sweet, and beautiful art!

  5. I can see why, it's absolutely stunning, you are lucky to have befriended such a wonderful artist, good for you! and my hearfelt admiration to Suni

  6. Pua La`a , Suni is a great Artist just like you. I believe that all arts should come together even if they are very different.Because there is always something new to learn.I will develop on this subject later.

    Lorraine, pay her a visit from time to time...and me :)

    Obrigado Nina.

  7. So pretty!

    I told Crystal what you said about having a crazy Uncle in Portugal. She said "I do? Really? cool I love Portugal, Whats Portugal? LOL!