quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

El Hombre y la Tierra-El lobo

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  1. For a moment I thought the wolves were going to attack him, what an amazing person and his amazing connection to the wild:)

  2. __Ya now, some people fear chipmunks.
    __During the summer months at our pond, my granddaughter, 7, will sit for hours communicating and hand feeding the 'munks. Then she'll grab a humingbird nectar feeder... the birds happily lunching from that handheld feeder.
    __Several nights around the campfire last summer, a raccoon visited; he sat on a tree limb and watched... silently seeming to join the party.
    __The wild, can sense more deeply than we know... and there is a trust that builds. It's our task to -understand and not exceed- that fragile trust. _m

  3. Suni i really miss Dr. felix and people must undrstand the message that he was telling not to Spain only but also to the world about the wolf.

    Magyar the problem is that the plates of the scale are for many years out of balance.
    Hunters kill the prey that wolves hunt (wild boars,wild ducks,rabbits and so on)and leave these with nothing to eat,So in cases where a she wolf has pups and has nothing to feed them she will venture into hunting a lamb.
    As the story goes...she and the pups and all the wolves are killed.
    These type of stories happen all over the world.
    In ost cases wolves do´t even attack tthe flocks but man still hunts them for sport.