sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2010

Freedom, by Alberto Caieiro (Fernando Pessoa)

Oh, what a pleasure
not to follow a duty!
To have a book
and not read it!
Reading is boring.
Studying is nothing.
The sun shines without literature.
Rivers run without original editions.
And the breeze, so natural to the morning, has plenty of time, and no rush...

Books are papers painted with ink.
Studying is something that can´t distinguish nihil from nothing.

The best is the mist.
It doesn´t matter if Dom Sebastião will ever come back.

Great is the poetry, goodness, and the dances.
But the best in this world are the children,
Flowers, Music, Moonlight, and the Sun, whose only flaw
is sometimes burning instead of making life bloom.

And more than anything else, Jesus Christ,
who didn´t know anything about finances,
and never owned a library.

7 comentários:

  1. I love this! Your words flow like the Nile :)

  2. __A different person, a different outlook; that Heteronym.
    __Unable to separate nothing, from nothing... is duty for duty's sake, not the business of it... and the best of the world are it's children.

    __Well chosen. _m


  3. Tava com saudades daqui, to em off por um tempinho,mas quero desejar muita coisa bjosss

  4. Jay Dreamer . how i wished these were "my" words!

    Magyar, thank you for the visit and as you know this is just a small sample from the many "treasures" that Fernando left behind.

    Andrea, tou com saudades suas !!!

  5. Although I love books I agree with this poem. Especially "Best in this world are children"

  6. Catalina Lemus se va al sur, jejee... Están de vacaciones en Chile, se marcha a la zona más bella de su país, qué fotos tan maravillosas se traerá... :)

    Vi su comentario en el blog de ella y me dio por venir hasta aquí. Le saludo cordialmente.

  7. Christiejolu . Yeah, this is a great poem !

    El Museo de la Luna, Gracias por la informacion, Bienvenidos a Bicando.