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HI, folks -And how are you all doing ? -O.K. ? -I hope so !

Now, this is the third and probably ( I´m not sure yet ! ) the semi final post that I am going to write about Fado. To follow I´m just going to give you an insight about A popular instrument called Portuguese guitar and Portuguese guitarists. And the last post will be a quick random look about other Portuguese music styles.

Now, as I´ve mentioned and emphasized before on SONG -A CONTINOUS ACT.PART 2. not all

Fado songs speak about fate. Yes, It´s true that at It´s core Fado Is a sort of depressive music style, really!.Usually related to the silence of the night and the mysteries around It, bad fortune, disgrace,

fate, jealousy, Love, shadows, loneliness, and so on. That´s why usually when a female singer goes on stage she is wearing a black dress and the main instruments that join her voice are Portuguese guitars that produce those characteristic melodies that sound like small cries.

When she is doing this she is playing the part of the weeping widow, she is misery and pane incarnated. But enaf of sadness, besides I don´t want to depress you !. I was going to tell you about the more merry versions of Fado.

Let´s say that a male Fado singer is going to be a dad.

Now, unless he is a poor bastard that can´t afford to feed his child he isn´t going to sing a song about how unfortunate he is. Quite the opposite. He has to show you hapiness. But how is one supposed to show happiness in such a melancholic music style ? - Well, that´s the beauty about music , music is like water and wind...It´s adaptable. So, this guy would write a merry tune about how happy he is about being a dad, and the guitarists would speed up the tune but still maintaining

It´s structure. It is still Fado only sang in a different manner to obtain a different state of mind. Did I make myself clear? - I hope so.

Now, over the years Fado as evolved and adapted, Like all music styles do. I´ve listened to a lot of different versions of this music style,and In my next an final post about Fado I´m going to show you a few examples of It.

For now I have to say farewell, but I´ll leave you with a merry version of Fado performed by a quite recent band called Deolinda. I really love this music clip because It was filmed near my house. It doesn´t matter If you don´t understand Portuguese, just try to follow the structure.

The female singer is telling the story of how a certain boy isn´t good enough for her because she is too much of a woman. Notice the detail of the Hawaiian hula dancers,,,funny stuff.

Enjoy ! :)

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  1. Eba, recebi beijinhos de portugal \o/
    Estou chique! hahahahaha
    Obrigada pela dica, mas eu sou apressada é impressionante, até com a maturidade, haihaihaiahia.
    Não conheço essa banda, ''fado", depois me dê um link de alguma musica, beijinhos do Brasil ^^

  2. Opps, hahahaha, eu vou ouvir então Deolinda, que é um Fado.
    Beijinhos e urg... como sou estupida.

  3. "A cantora está contando a história de como um menino certo não é suficientemente bom para ela porque ela é muito de uma mulher."

    Bem parecida com a dona do blog Chá das Cinco rs


    Antes que eu me esqueça, obrigada pelo elogio.
    Gemária Sampaio