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Iberian Lynx PART 1

More than giving speeches about nature´s conservation, I like to maintain the healthy habit of conversation about nature´s conservation.

Diego Carvalho

Iberian Lynx, will be the title of a new series of posts that will show you a bit of something that these days Is becoming seriously neglected, and that Is of true importance :The nature that surrounds us and we take for granted: especially the “Natural” environment that exists in Portugal and under a much broader perspective the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) and that´s filled with an incredible richness(Wildlife speaking, of course!).

I hope that while presenting these posts we can touch that sensible spot that everyone owns but we´re becoming more and more detached from It , since we are living in a more industrial and artificial world we -And that Is: “Love for the natural world and It´s surroundings”.

For those of you who are following the SONG posts, rest assured that these series of posts are far from over. Therefore the name – SONG.A CONTINUOUS GIFT.

There are Four main reasons why I´ve decided to baptize these posts with the peculiar name Iberian Lynx: The first one is because The Iberian Lynx is an endangered species in the Iberian Peninsula. In fact these magnificent creatures were completely extinct in Portugal. Some will say that the continuous use (and abuse) of legal and illegal hunting is responsible for the disappearance of this particular species. Some others will point the finger at forest fires while others will say that the deforestation in order to built new cities is the main responsible. In my humble opinion that is all a big load of “crap”. Like that old saying goes: “Give me one thousand enemies, and I´ll give you one thousand excuses”. There Is only one reason why this has happened, an there´s a harsh word that sums it all up pretty well -STUPIDITY. And I don´t know about you, but I´m getting a bit tired of the “finger pointing game”, what I really want to ear since the problem as emerged and after the responsible, guilty parties are recognized and blamed is :“What can I do about it”? .

Under my limited scope of awareness that is the only way to solve eminent and urgent problems.

The second reason is that the Iberian Lynx In my humble opinion is a very beautiful animal, and It´s rareness only serves to add more beauty to this specific creature. Whenever I read something about these magnificent cats It feels, like I´m reading something about a Mystical creature like the unicorn. The ugly story of this particular fairy tale is that Unicorns are only real in the realm of Fantasy and the Iberian Lynx, is no fairy tail character. It makes me sad whenever I read a book or watch one of those nature documentaries that speak about “Endangered species”.

The third one, and since we are leaning over the subject of endangered species is the brilliant hard work that comes from the most endangered species of all and these are the “Nature conservationists”. These hard working champions are struggling worldwide to be heard and we owe them a lot .

The fourth and last but not least reason is that as I´m sure you are aware a huge number of brilliant persons have been assembling in Copenhagen to discuss the problem of “Global warming”and I truly hope that these conversations will be fruitfull for us all since we are discussing a huge problem that needs to be solved urgently . Yeah, I know. It´s December we are all close to Christmas, and who wants to ear about something so silly like global warming when you could go out shopping.

Let´s hope and pray that these group of brilliant people won´t become temporarily insane and think in the same manner!.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”

Old Native American proverb

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