segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009


This month I´ve decided to present you guys with a bit of Portuguese culture. This will also be one of the topics in this Blog instead of just "gags" and other stuff.

I´ve decided to do this step by step without following no particular order.

I won´t be boring giving you dates and hard facts about this and that. You can do that by yourselves by "Googling" that which may interest you. All that I am trying to do is to give you a sort of personal interpretation of what “I think and believe” about some particular things.

So let´s start with a topic that everybody loves -Music.

Every nation and culture have that one or two  characteristic  sounds that define them. Everybody knows that if you think of Africa probably the sound of drums will pop up on your mind.

But as I´m sure you are aware, not all Africans play percussion instruments. Some of them play the piano, some play violin, and some even play electric guitar. After all this is the 21st century.

Let´s start with the most  characteristic music type in the Portuguese culture. FADO.

Bellow , you can have a little taste of it sung by a popular and most beautiful female Fado singer named Cristina Branco.

If you don´t understand Portuguese there´s no need to worry.

Fado should be listened with your heart and not just with the ears.

If you do that everything will be just fine.

But the story doesn´t end here. So stay tuned.

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  1. Her voice is beautiful! Thanks for sharing that! It is great to hear music from other countries! I am a music nut!

  2. Thanks! I have a gift for you at my blog! I can not wait to learn more about your country!