sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009

Baby, please don´t go

Baby,why did you had go away 

After I begged you to stay 

That other guy took you away from me 

Baby,Baby can´t you see ? 

Why did you had to! 

Don´t leave me ,please ! 

Your sweet smell still intoxicates me 

Your golden skin still on my mind 

My mouth waters just thinking about you 

After you left, I cry all the time 

Oh Baby why can´t you stay ? 

You can´t just go away...eiei.....eieieiii 

Your beautyfull curves 

The thickness of your thighs 

Please come and fill my "void" 

Please don´t believe in his lies 

Baby, I need you so bad 

Can´t you see ? 

That for you I would cross any line !?! 


I picture us both,on that table 

You in front of me 

And I drinking wine 

But you left with some guy,aiai...aiaiai ! 

He was first in line 

He won´t be kind 

Not like me 

He´s gonna turn you into a little pile of bones 

Can´t you see ? 

He won´t be kind to you 

Not like me

Baby,Baby, !

Dedicated to a fried chicken that I was unable to buy last saturday
because it was the last one,And to those few talented starving songwriters
out there that can´t sell theyr Lyricks because the music business
Is jammed with stupid songs that are best sellers on account they are sung by
crappy little popstars that show little talent but a lot of ass.

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  1. i Just know what you mean.
    I stumbled over here after reading your comment you left on another blog.
    It was very witty.
    Have a great time:)