sábado, 5 de dezembro de 2009


There is nothing that I hate more than the plasticity of repetition. These are necessary words because of the brief note that I am about to leave here in this post of SONG. It will have nothing to do with the continuation of the bellow mentioned Portuguese music styles (sorry about that) but I wouldn´t feel good about myself If I didn´t added a few words about something that I believe that Is so revolutionary and wonderful that words become scarce to express.

Picture this -Picture a world where the most familiar word in your vocabulary is despair. Picture a world where the only smiling, faces or better yet grinning faces are the ones of drug dealers with fists full of money and human scum of similar trades. Picture a world where kids with ages between 10 and 14 kill themselves in turf wars day in and day out like dogs pissing to mark territory. Picture a world where more than half the people you know will die of violent death. Well this world as a name -SLUM. You don´t have to go to Africa or to some other continent with an unpronounceable name because there isn´t a single place on earth where these sort of neighbourhoods don´t appear.

There isn´t really, some sort of eden because all societies that produce richness will also produce It´s inverse effect no matter how much one tries to sugar coat the situation. Now picture this -Image that very same slum, but every once in a while some little boy or girl will be offered a musical instrument. And with It the chance to learn to play It. And the cost of this will be nothing, zero, nada. Imagine that this little boy or girl will become so skillful with this musical instrument that he or she will have the chance to belong not to a gang but a musical band. And not just any musical band but a full symphony Orchestra. Imagine that this Orchestra will, travel around the world and this little boy or girl would get in touch with other cultures, languages and ways of life. Imagine windows of opportunities opening where before only despair, existed.

I know, It sounds too good to be true. But, some men (some few men) dared to make this supposed impossible dream come true. And they are José Antonio Abreu and Dudamel.

Together they are the leaders of the greatest GANG of young musicians that carry only hope, confidence, optimism and wonderful music as weapons to fight for a brighter and much happier future.

I raise my glass to all of them.

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  1. Caramba! Eu ri demais do blog, viu? O jogo lá STOP! quem nunca inventou um nome, um estado, ou qualquer coisa, pra ganhar naquilo lá? HSIAHISASA, EU RI MUITO DA PLANTA DO YOGURTE.
    Sério, valeu pelos momentos de alegria.
    E obrigada pelo elogio, eu me esforcei! sahihsaihsa
    Beijinhos e bom domingo, oh... saudações do Brasil.

  2. I live i Tucson and we have a place like that here. It is in South Tucson. It is so dangerous and no one goes through there. I agree with you totally. If more of these kids picked up a musical instrument instead of a gun.... Like you said too good to be true.

    And thank you my hand is doing much better. I like your new prophile picture by the way!

  3. Thank´s Christiejolu ,the problem is everywhere really,this is the ugly side of every city, as long as we elect Idiots for mayors we will never give these people a chance of making something positive with theyr lives.You can see how surprised I was when I heard about this orchestra.

  4. Já conhecia vi um documentário sobre eles e adorei :):)

  5. Meu caro amigo... política e violência são temas que nunca acabam no Brasil e não dá pra escrever pouco sobre eles, pois todo dia há fatos novos e absurdos para digerirmos. (E parace-me que estas histórias se repetem sempre e sempre, pois só mudam os personagens). Atitudes altruístas ainda são de meia dúzias de pessoas conscientes para com a vida e para com o mundo em que vivem. Assim como a Conferência de Copenhagen e tantas outras que deveriam ser ações altamente contundentes e de real transformação acabam em "pizza" para variar, mas que não morramos calados e omissos. Gritemos nem que seja através dos nossos blogs por um mundo melhor. Um forte abraço, bj! Obrigada.

  6. Obrigado Cacau pelo comentário inteligente e complexo, na verdade creio que o tema Politica e violencia estão patentes em todo o lado consoante o grau de intensidade.Na realidade elegemos idiota que nunca se preocupam conosco.
    Bom mas enfim...

  7. You are a sensible and a good person! :)
    It´s a honour to know you!