quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011

"grawsome" :D or "A small tribute to a great friend".

In my attempt to make some sense of the world, I´ve decided to have a blog of my own where I could share some of my points of view with others, and try an make some new friends in the process. That was over a year now,maybe more. But truth be told, "bicando" became somewhat smaller and beyond my initial expectations.
I´m the one to blame really,I mean there´s only "so much" one can do when he´s always in a pressure to regain lost time (at least that´s my excuse lol)but...and there´s always a but, not a day goes by that I don´t feel happy for taking that initial step of starting a blog of my own.
You want to know why ? Well, because I found that this thing that we call the internet can be a great tool for reaching others and making some really good friends even that they are Oceans apart.
So here´s my small tribute to a great friend I found along the way,she´s a wonderful Artist (In the true sense of the word) and she´s taught me a lot not only about Art in it´s many genres but also about life and in the process about myself.
There were many names to include over here, but for now, I must say thank you suni thankyou so much, for summoning that "grawsome" (this is a new word I made up by the way)Genie that we call friendship.
Some great Artwork from suni, see some more at:

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  1. Olá :)

    de vez em quando (porque vi aqui) vou lá ver o trabalho dela e gosto ;)
    Mas também gosto do teu blogue, tenho é pena que nos deixes tanto tempo à espera de textos... :)


  2. Obrigado berdinha
    Mas muitas vezes fico impossibilitado de tempo and so on, and so forth.
    Mas é um blog mesmo fixe, feito por uma blogger sensacional como tu.

    Beijos linda e xau babe :D

  3. Internet no es tan malo después de todo. Imagínate cuántas puertas se han abierto a la información sin censura (aunque queda aún), pero en la gran mayoría de los casos accedemos con facilidad. Cuándo íbamos a imaginar años atrás que esto sucedería? Claramente que no.
    Me alegra mucho que disfrutes de esta herramienta y que además, hayas conocido a alguien que dibuje tan bien. Es interesante el dibujo... Envidia siento por aquellos que pueden hacer arte, en cambio yo... Bueh, lo hago de diferente manera no?

    Saludos varios, espero que te encuentres bien en todo lo que realices.


    Aiiii faço , faço:)

  5. Hopefully one day we can present you with the original,BB!

  6. Olá Lina !
    Carinõ,Es tan bueno saber de ti! Y si el Internet es una gran herramienta.
    Espero que te encuentres bien, beso enorme.

    Faço o que posso, ou vou fazendo, obrigado pelo carinho :)

    That would be "Grawsome" :D
    Give my best to the Big Man :)

  7. BB, to you and with you, in all respects I agree... and too, as to Suni's art and thought.

    2-27 post.

  8. Magyar

    Thankyou poet, your thoughts and Haikus are always welcome.