quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

I like the moon

Here´s a small video I found on You Tube from one of my favourite comtemporary American poets H.R.. I selected this video because it sort of reflects my own thoughts and feelings of life (and yonder) at this precise moment.Well, at least some of it_Thank God i´m not as pessimistic about life or my fellow man as Mr.Rollins is...Sure, I know this ain´t Heaven (and we al have a different definition of what "that" is) BUT_I still believe there´s a lot of good in this world, I see it every day.The moon is just a part of that wide spectrum of wonder and beauty that ONE should be thankful for...and I AM !
What about you ? Do you know any poem or have something to say about the moon?

Today the moon is high,iridescent and beautiful.
_Portugal,Lisbon,00.29 a.m._BB

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  1. Lovit, BB.
    __I once got caught-up in a 'discussion' about the 'full moon' it, being a kigo meaning 'harvest time' according to the other half of the 'discussion.' But, isn't there more than -one- 'full moon' in the course of 12 months, and is it not true that -kigos- are appropriate to the area in which one lives?
    __Thus, I avoided using the moon as a haiku focal point, but since I've carried on... my
    Howard Roark point of view has won me over.
    __Oooops, sorry to carry on so... this certainly isn't about me, but the Moon... such an important orb to us all.
    Tnx, BB, as always. _m

  2. Magyar

    Thank´s for the comment and also for the "Howard Roark" remark,didn´t knew who he was until you fingered him out to me...there is still so much that I want to learn my friend.
    And please carry on as much as you want to.