sexta-feira, 23 de abril de 2010

Yesterday was EARTH DAY...

Folks all over the world joined hands, and sang songs about Green Nature, A Greener future and were all filled with Green good intentions.
And, oh yeah ! ? I almost forgot !
And , This also Happened :
...Seriously, how many oil spills can we still endure ?

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  1. Well, three hundred year from now the oil will be cleaned from the ocean...
    In the other hand, I'm finishing an unfinished painting (you remember, the Hawk woman), when it's finished I will send you a post card of the painting:) Thanks for all the support bonequinhoda bic!

  2. Suni, yeah I know what you mean !
    Too bad that, if things keep developing at this rate;Well, there won´t be anyone living to clean up the mess.That makes me feel pissed and angry !
    I remember that Painting well, i love it because it reminds me of nature and freedom.
    I would love to have a postcard of it.
    Thank you suni, i´m always pleased to embrace the oportunity to help someone with such talent as yourself.
    Keep them up kid !!!

  3. Awful on all levels. ... and on earth day?!

  4. Cobalt,I didn´t mention before about the 11 poor souls that died in this awful tragedy.
    My simphaty goes to their loved ones.
    But, if this isn´t a wake up call, i don´t know what it is ?!
    Thank you, for the visit and comment, it´s always wonderful to ear from you !

  5. Nesse dia portei-me bem com a Terra (tento portar-me sempre...) e fui fotografar pampilos :))

    Confesso que ao ver aquelas cores me apeteceu rolar no meio delas... eu sei, foi um pensamento muito pouco ecológico ;)


  6. Por acaso gosto da a rolar no meio dos pampilos com a Green Eyes,Hmmmmmmmmm ;)
    Beijos linda !