terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

Iberian Lynx PART 4

Duas crias de Lince Ibérico nasceram no Domingo de Páscoa no Centro de reprodução do Lince Ibérico em Silves no Algarve.
Parece que afinal, a Páscoa é mesmo muito mais do que um mero simbolo. 
Ela é de facto Renascimento e Renovação !
Pode ler a notícia e ver o vídeo AQUI.
Two Iberian Lynx cubs were born on Easter Sunday in the Iberian Lynx breeding center in the region of Silves in the Algarve/Portugal.
It seems after all, that Easter is much more than just a mere simbol.
It is indeed Rebirth and Renewal !.
You can read the news and watch the video over HERE.
Sorry, there aren´t any results from this in English so far.

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  2. They are so cute!! And I know I'm missing the point here :D

  3. Que ternurinhas...
    Que haja assim muitas Pascoas:)

  4. Me ,já fui ao seu blog e li a sua mensagem.
    O.K. beijos :)

    Suni,you aren´t missing the point !
    If you remenber i told you guys that the Iberian Lynx was extinct In Portugal.
    But Spain still has some of these.They borrowed the Portuguese a few of them and these cubs are the first ones being born in Portuguese Territory.
    The mother named "AZAHAR" had according to the Spanish ecologists difficulties about pregnancy.
    So it was some sort of small miracle when she met "DRAGO" the Father.
    They both got along so well that these cubs arrived a few months later.
    And since it was the Easter day my romantic side finds great love and tenderness in this story.

    Susaninha concordo ctg !

  5. They are so beautiful!!! And here's to new beginnings and birth/rebirth!

    By the way the photos you asked about were in Central California in Corralitos near Watsonville and Santa Cruz.

  6. Cobalt V, thank´s.Those were great shots !