sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010

Today I woke up with a question in my Mind ,and it was...



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  1. I remember when:
    there were no plastic bags;
    there were no plastic bottles;
    there were no plastic shoes;
    there were no plastic drink cups;
    there were no plastic boxes at the market.
    there were no plastic politicians,
    and so much more.

    Once-upon-a-time, there were:
    __Paper bags, glass bottles, leather shoes, paper cups, fish wraped in wax paper. Tin cans. __These were natural things that... when discarded (properly or not), re-became nature as a function of nature's processes.
    __Plastic? Plastic has a half-life that is incomprehensable... . Rust, corrosion, rot... all are natural paths that apply to very few plastics.
    __The question becomes... in which period of time did we return (or are we returning) things to nature in a more natural way?
    __Opinions are always wrong, according to the obverse opinions, but... in my opinion, regression is often a positive that, can not be overlooked. Corrections are always accomplished by stepping back._m

  2. Magyar dear friend, thank you for the great comment.
    It´s always good to speak with someone with a large brain like you :)

    Susaninha, este é o mundo em que vivemos !

  3. Gracias, Bicando. Usted dar muy mas obsequioso de yo merecer!

    __Thank you; you give me more compliments than I deserve! As I try to remember what little spanish I learned in 1959, escuseme porfavor! _m

  4. That is sad, and proves why I chose to give the Humane blogger award to you!

  5. HeyB! It is Ok. I just got that award and you came to mind immediately! But I understand! I will be waiting for that proposal!

  6. Very thought -provocative post! You are amazing!
    You only used one word and a cute pic and you made a great post.
    Thank you , Diego.

  7. I am too green, it makes nervous the whole situation of plastic. So sad because plastic it's not recyclable!

  8. Magyar, please don´t worry about it.
    What matters is that people try to communicate.

    Chris, does that mean you´ll think about it ?

    Betty, i try to be simple but direct.

    You guys, thank you all for the visit.
    It´s always great to ear your comments.

  9. Good question! I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blogs of poetry and follow them.
    Grant Guda
    The Wannabe Poet



  10. Average terran, will do !
    And welcome to bicando.