domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

Coolio - Gangster's Paradise (Official HQ)

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  1. adoro esta música...e o filme! ;)
    deveria de andar no 6º ou no 7º ano, quando isto veio pa cinema! ;:D


  2. I have personally never been a fan of rap music, but I do enjoy this song. Funny thing is this is the second blog in the last 2 days that had something with Coolio. One was a cook book I am guessing written by Coolio, yeah I know kind of weird!

  3. Fixe Xaninha.
    Uma pergunta, vais ver o Fantasporto ?

    Coolio the Cook !
    I don´t know ?
    It as a nice ring to it, doesn´t it ?

  4. only one of my all time favorites!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

  5. Library Girl, and ruin a perfect pack of camels ?

    SHAWNA,It´s you who´s the best :)))

  6. Just heard the song in the movie "Obsession", what a coincidence:)

  7. Curto as tranças do Coolio , parece os bichos do Avatar