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 Here is a small turn in the column  SONG -A CONTINOUS ACT  that describes or tries to describe some of the Music Genres most common in  Portugal .Today I´ve decided to pay homage to an Italian Composer and Conductor of great Genius.
But how does one describes someone as complex as Ennio Morricone ?
 Here are a few  adjectives and "catch phrases" that I´ve read about him : Genius,Magnificent, Magnificent Genius,A God among men,An Angel among men,Too good to be human, Extraordinary Musician, Beethoven reincarnated, Touched by  God, Incredible,E.T.C.,e.t.c.,e t.cetera. Exaggeration !, some will say !.I agree, However It´s no easy task to describe the Word "Genius"in a small manner.  
And Mr.Morricone is precisely that : A Genius.
You´ve probably listened to a lot of his compositions and aren´t aware of it. Of course it will be easier to say that if you like  Cinema you´ve probably listened to some of his Masterpieces and didn´t even realized it. Some are cheap movies since Mr. Morricone being a humble person as he is never paid much attention to these matters.
So, some of these cheap movies became well known by some people because they had a great music score. They  had a catchy tune. Who doesn´t remember the Music from The Good the Bad and the Ugly ?.
But if you "mix" together a great "movie plot" with a great "movie score" The end result is a Movie Classic.
It´s almost impossible not to listen to a piece of music from Ennio Morricone and being unable to recognize to which movie that particular piece belonged to. Morricone´s music has that great "Magic"characteristic of linking perfectly with the scenes one watches on screen.
And it´s not just some sort of explosive grand finale musical Master piece when the ending credits are rolling and everyone is lifting their butt of the Movie theater seats.
No; just like a fairy tale each scene is accompanied with great music that links perfectly well to the story.   
Which one of you didn´t cried when they saw the redemption scene from The Mission, when Mendonza the Spanish slave trader (Brilliantly played by Robert de Niro) seeking forgiveness for his sins carries his former tools of trade (Helmets,Armors,swords e.t.c.) trough an impossible road of mud, dirt and suffering and has is life spared by the same very people he hunted, sold and sometimes killed.

Which one of you didn´t cried when they saw the final scene of Cinema Paradiso when "Salvatore" now a middle aged Man and powerful  movie tycoon watches the footage of reattached celluloid that was cut by the Italian Church censorship, a gift from his friend  “Alfredo”.
But it´s not just of sadness i´m talking about. Morricone´s music as that visual characteristic to describe the joys and the griefs of life as no one else can.
For me there is only a word to describe Ennio Morricone. There were a group of people in the middle ages that had the ability to turn stones into gold. Well, at least that´s what many stories say.
So in my humble opinion Mr.Morricone is precisely that ; An Alchemist.
Someone who´s music attached to a  humble story turns it into an Epic.
Or perhaps I´m exaggerating...

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