segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2011


If Fernando Pessoa were alive today he would celebrate his 123rd birthday!
Now like before, how can one claim true poetry just for oneself? All beautiful
things should never perish inside a box,they should be set free,they should blow in the wind.
For all things that blow in the wind will sooner or later find a place to rest and they shall call it home._BB

The Tagus is more beautiful than the river that flows through my village,
But the Tagus is not more beautiful than the river that flows through my village
Because the Tagus is not the river that flows through my village.

The Tagus has enormous ships,
And for those who see in everything that which isn't there
Its waters are still sailed
By the memory of the carracks.

The Tagus descends from Spain
And crosses Portugal to pour into the sea.
Everyone knows this.
But few know what the river of my village is called
And where it goes to
And where it comes from.
And so, because it belongs to fewer people,
The river of my village is freer and larger.

The Tagus leads to the world.
Beyond the Tagus there is America
And the fortune of those who find it.
No one ever thought about what's beyond
The river of my village.

The river of my village doesn't make one think of anything.
Whoever is next to it is simply next to it.

O Tejo é mais belo que o rio que corre pela minha aldeia,
Mas o tejo não é mais belo que o rio que corre pela minha aldeia
Porque o tejo não é o rio que corre pela minha aldeia,
O Tejo tem grande navios
E navega nele ainda,
Para aqueles que vêem em tudo o que lá não está,
A memória das naus.
O Tejo desce de Espanha
E o Tejo entra no mar em Portugal.
Toda a gente sabe isso.
Mas poucos sabem qual é o rio da minha aldeia
E para onde ele vai
E donde ele vem.
E por isso, porque pertence a menos gente,
É mais livre e maior o rio da minha aldeia.
Pelo Tejo vai-se para o Mundo.
Para além do Tejo há a América
E a fortuna daqueles que a encontram.
Ninguém nunca pensou no que há para além
Do rio da minha aldeia.
O rio da minha aldeia não faz pensar em nada.
Quem está ao pé dele está só ao pé dele.

2 comentários:

  1. beauty
    in early life
    was never in your eye
    until returning to that place

    __BB... this, from Pessoa, made me think of how often we all look past things... never seeing the beauty there, 'til we return to that place with much older eyes, and cherish... that which we had looked beyond.
    __Tnx, BB. _m

  2. Spoken like a true Wiseman dear friend.

    It is not due to the fact that Pessoa is my countryman but because I find his words quite Universal and timeless i chose to do this very small tribute about him.

    _Thank you for the comment Magyar.