sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010

The End of the "Pink Era"

I wasn´t sure if I should post this being so close to Christmas and all and bring to the table such a... (I cannot find the proper word) but the news about Blake Edwards death kind off caught me off guard,I mean I was a fan of the Man´s Artwork (If you believe cinema is Art, I do) and whenever I think about the Pink Panther movies I´ve watched trough my teens I always crack up laughing. I mean, Blake Edwards was the man with the plan,the Great puppeteer,the genius director behind the movie stage that made the magic happen and brought to us some of the most hilarious movies that one can ever see,I still remember laughing my AS* off until tears would run down my face and I would grab my rib cage from the hurt that I felt and the fear that something inside me would explode from laughing so hard. I mean, there are comedies,there are silly movies and then there´s genius and THAT was the sort of movies Blake Edwards would direct,movies you would laugh so hard you would fall off a chair (I DID).

I don´t mean to sound disrespectful "BUT" associated with such great comedies Blake Edwards name will also go down with another great name long departed and that was "Peter Sellers", because truth be told the Pink Panther series would have never been such a hit if it weren´t for the sheer genius of this great actor that impersonated the "Inspector Clouseau" Character so well, no one could replace him,there´s a time and an era for everything in life and I do not mean the sequels from The Pink Panther after Peter Sellers death were bad or not so funny,I´m just saying that at that specific time true magic happened between the alliance of these two (even, as the story goes if they weren´t in the best of terms with each other and lived a rather conflictuos and strange work relationship way far from the "healthy" work relationship "displayed" for public appearances, but it´s not my place to judge, I´m just a movie fan. I am also wondering if The Pink Panther character and cartoons (unbelievable great stuff also) will not be forsaken over the years since the "man with the plan" is now dead.

You shall be missed Mr.Edwards ...( The Pink panther theme tune would sound great here wouldn´t it ?)_BB

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  1. I love the pink panther series!! It's like my "comfort" cartoon, you know the ending is always well so there is never the fear of watching it! These cartoons brought me so much joy! Thanks for posting it!

  2. suni
    I sure hope they don´t close the book on the Pink Panther,these were my favourite cartoons when I was a kid.I believe they were the very first ones I can even remember,but the panther wasn´t Pink,still had a black and white TV back then :P