quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010

Lisboa Não é a Cidade Perfeita

Lisboa Não é a Cidade Perfeita
By Deolinda
English Translation by BB
Lisbon Is Not The Perfect City

I am Glad
time went by
and the love that ended
Did not escape...

I am Glad
There is some sort of Fado
that says everything that life
does not say ...

I am Glad
Lisbon is not
the perfect city
for us ...

I am Glad
there is an alley somewhere
that gives a voice
To the voiceless ones ...

Just now, I saw the mad Woman
singing alone
On the top of that window ...
There are nights when the longing
leaves me thinking
about joining her song,
To sing like her, someday ...

I am Glad
I could not find the direction
The next alley...
I am Glad
that the Tejo is purple
and the fish cannot stop
laughing ...

I am Glad
that your body does not want
To embark on the storm
Of mine ...

I am Glad ...

If destiny wants to,
this tragic story
Is mine.

Just now, I saw the mad woman (...)

6 comentários:

  1. Really a sort of haunting song this is :) It reminds of a lost summer from the past... When I was a little girl chasing after frogs and butterflies in the field (still do now days).
    But the innocents is no longer there.

  2. suni
    Chassing after butterflies and frogs is a good sign that innocence is still alive.
    Ei,check your e-mail !

  3. really enjoyed this - I think I'll be joining the mad woman myself one day.

  4. Thank´s Dave
    Yeah,the mad woman will have a crowded room.