sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

A Valsinha / Little Waltz by Chico Buarque


Valsinha / Little Waltz

By Chico Buarque

Composition: Chico Buarque / Vinícius de Morais
English Translation : BB
One day, he arrived so different from the way he always did

And looked at her in a fashion much more passionate than ever before

And did not cursed life as much as was his way of always talking

And did not left Her alone in the corner, to her great surprise, asked her to spin

And then She became pretty as She would not dare since long ago

With her low-cut dress with the smell of waiting, upon it

After, the two locked their arms since no one did since lond ago

And full of tenderness and grace, went to the square and began to embrace

And there danced so many dances, that the whole neighborhood woke up

And there was so much happiness the whole city lit up

And There were so many crazy kisses, so many mad cries since long ago

That the world understood

And the day dawned

In peace 

6 comentários:

  1. tenho um amigo k canta esta música TAO BEM!!!! é uma delicia ouvi-lo cantar!! :)
    gosto mt*****

    um beijinho

  2. Xaninha
    Desculpa a demora,tenho andado ocupado mesmo ocupado.Ando hiperactivo não porque quero mas porque tem que ser.
    Isso prova que o teu amigo é um gajo com bom gosto,eu gosto de tudo do Chico, mas esta música tem um (diversos) significado(s) especial para mim.
    Obrigado pelo beijinho,toma lá outro,CHUAK !!!

  3. No es uno de mis temas favoritos la verdad jajaja Pero quizás, en una de esas, podría bailarla (si es que se baila esa balada).

    Saludos Diego.

  4. I can't listen to the video right now but the lyrics are beautiful! I loved your last post too...Beautiful...

    Hope you have been well...

  5. Hi BB, just having some lunch and listening to the music, how relaxing! I'm writing an email to you check your inbox in a few :)

  6. Saludos Lina e Gracias !

    Thank´s Chris, it´s always great to ear from you !

    O.K. will do,hope you enjoy the song !