segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010


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  1. __There are phrase I often roll through my mind: 'Less is More,' and 'Let the Buyer Beware.'
    __We have sapped the common sense from our own value... our people, and we have imprinted our young with, in my mind, the wrong paradigms.
    __The progressives have retarded our thoughts, a plumber is 'Low Class,' and yet.. who do the 'High' call to repair a water leak.
    __The skills of hard and 'knowing' work are degraded, yet the skills of fraud... are revered. Revolving and regression... are recovery.
    __Please excuse my dislike of today's 'Icons,' and >spewing< as I have been. _m

  2. Magyar
    Dear friend there is no need for appologies.
    You are quite right, and i agree with your statement.
    Like you have mentioned and allow me to quote you :a plumber is 'Low Class,' and yet.. who do the 'High' call to repair a water leak.
    Let me add that today´s idols can be seen in the media selling shaving cream and other nonsense,it´s common knowledge that in these days "values" are condensed in most minds as material things of great value (period) a.k.a. money,money and more money.
    The media sold us the idea that one has to be young,healthy,rich,good looking to be considered a "human being".
    Morals became something old fashioned and when used became deadly weapons from preachers of hate that in the end preach a twisted idea of virtue to those few that try to attain a broader perspective of life.
    This can and could be seen in many different countries and has happened all over trough the eras of mankind.
    I as a individual consider myself to be a "searcher".
    Without dogmas i still prefer to search for the words of those that lived before me, but always using my own heart to measure what i consider to be good or bad.
    So i share some Art and my own expressions of those things that are dear to me and that i feel are lacking in the world.
    It´s up to you the viewer to agree,disagree,comment or be quiet.
    However i consider all words to be of great value since they also teach me and broaden my horizonts.
    Thank you for the words dear friend.