quinta-feira, 24 de junho de 2010

Bobby McFerrin sings Ave Maria

And if you are Muslim you can sing the Allha Maria
And if you are Hindu you can sing the Shakti Maria
And if you are a Buddhist you can sing the Buddhi Maria, and so on.
How many faces does Love have ?
In the end there is only one single truth.
We are all brothers.
We are all one.

11 comentários:

  1. I've missed you my friend - so glad I stopped by to visit, I REALLY liked this post!

  2. Pena que os irmãos se tratem, por vezes, tão mal... :(

    O Amor, felizmente, tem muitas faces e muitas formas :)

  3. That, my friend, was the COOLEST!!! Awesome BB!! Loved it loved it loved it :) Listened to it twice.
    Ta! xxxxx

  4. flying eagle woman,Thank you Shawna it´s so good to ear from you.
    Smiles :))))))))

  5. Greenzinha, infelizmente é verdade.
    Beijos e obrigado pela visita.

  6. LG,Bobby McFerrin is one of those dudes that i really,really admire.
    This was just too good to let go.
    Have fun on your trip !

  7. Wow, that was amazing! Great way to kick of my Saturday!

    And It's always a beautiful message, "We are all one."

  8. Sending love out to you brother! Nice post.

  9. I LOVE IT, I LOVE BOBBIE!! Ave Maria is also one of my favorite songs to sing in recitals :D