quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2015

HELLO! Suddenly i´ve felt the urge to reach out my hand and feel if there is still some sort of life in blogland. It has been years since my last post,life hasn´t been a walk in the park and to tell you the truth i´ve never really surpasses the idea that "bicando" was nothing more than an well intention-ed project that was hard to follow,incoherent and poorly developed from the beginning. So little by little I gave up on the idea of resuming it. Besides,being Portuguese and trying to "reach the world" via a foreign language was no easy task. But still,since I never "killed it" every once in a while i was surprised to find out that a few people still visited this blog. HA,but "bicando" gave me a lot,made some new friends that were the real "crown jewel" of this project. So over the last few days I began wondering if I should give it a go. And yes,to quote a Portuguese poet "Valeu a pena,tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena", "Everything is worth, If the soul is not small. Welcome back to bicando,yours truly Diogo Carvalho aka BB.

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