quarta-feira, 22 de maio de 2013


My thoughts go to Oklahoma,cannot find the proper words of comfort to those that lost so much. I hope and pray that MAN no matter what creed,nationality,color e.t.c. will be able to face such disasters united as ONE. We all have a single nation...as that is planet Earth. We often unite in Warfare (the sickest game on earth,turning trillions into trash,death and destruction),why should we not unite in rebuilding this planet? _BB

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  1. I fully appreciate your thought: "We all have a single nation... and that is the planet Earth."
    __People, no mater what their homeland is, all have the same needs, desires, and that heart of family. If disasters such as that that occurred in Oklahoma, or ANYWHERE for that matter... are not felt in the hearts of worldly peoples... those people have no heart.

    the winds fire
    this centrifugal storms ash
    a steeple stands


  2. Rebuilding is in order Magyar,not only of new foundations but especially of a moral order called empathy.

    Thank you!