segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2012

Meet Popcorn :)

Hello! And welcome to a new exciting adventure of BB here at Bicandoland LOL! Dear friends_first and foremost I would like to apologize for the long,long,loooooong absence from this blog,but sometimes life itself can be awful busy and with it also the need for a little extra time to do the things we love (in this case,posting a few words on a blog). I think that you would like to know that the baby pigeon I was caring about was strong enough to take care of Itself and now he is free to roam the skies in that infinite joy of freedom that only birds know. I can only hope that he is doing well and caring for baby chicks of his own ;) Meanwhile;Another little creature crossed paths with yours truly. Meet Popcorn:
Popcorn is a female Hedgehog that sort of bumped into me along the way.She was badly out of shape,underweight,and fully covered by parasites (fleas and ticks). After a few hardships she became stronger.Needless to say this was a hard task to accomplish since I had very little knowledge about the hedgehog habits, and besides I was nursing a creature that always lived in the wild and was now in a strange environment. After a lot of research (And I do mean a lot) I became more and more aware of the hedgies needs to regain health again. Another problem imposed,I had no Hedgehog food at the local Pet Shop stores since hedgehogs are not the most eclectic pets here in Portugal. I found myself in a conundrum,and cat food was the only available food source I could find in such short notice. But thank´s to the generosity of my little bundle of joy is happy and very well fed. I cannot thank you enough :) Well that´s all for now,will talk to you soon and I do hope you all enjoy Spring in good health among family and friends!
Bye for now,see you soon!

4 comentários:

  1. Good to see you BB, and and Popcorn too! _m

  2. Thank you Magyar,she also says hi! ;)

  3. Oh my god! It's so cute! (How many times have I said it already?? =)

  4. Congratulations! Sooo adorable!!!! Glad you found some food for her!!!
    Love hedgehogs ... though I have never met one personally. :)