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A dog named Patrick

Hello everyone!

I reflect a bit before writing this text as it is not my interest to emotionally disturb anyone advertising the little shop of horrors that is TV nowadays, with its daily news.All day long we watch countless hours off death, destruction, disasters, corruption, crime, war, wildfires, world hunger, war, elections, downfall of governments, war, disasters,financial political and social collapses,war (sorry,i believe i´ve said war before) and to my very own astonishment, daily I watch these sort of news bulletins paused, "not focused and looking for voices that provide solutions for a much needed physical and mental therapy on a world increasingly unbalanced and artificial "but by a cataclysm of ads that advertise the new toothpaste, or the new slimming pills, soon to be superseded by the hyper-caloric announcement from the latest delicacy wrapped inside a multicolored package stuffed with onions,ketchup,salt,sugar, "arthritis" and all sorts of yummi extras, that add "that" extra taste of artificial vanilla to a piece of ground beef injected with hormones and adrenaline that our children love to eat washing it down their little throats with buckets of coca-cola,so they later can become part of the latest statistics on childhood obesity or diabetes,brought to you by the same "humanitarians" who give pocket money to cancer research centers every Christmas, and are the very same people that made your kids fat and lazy in the first place and who are now promoting exercise and salad on a non stop vomiting (but profitable) chain of events...
Wait!Let me stop for a while so I can catch my breath before going on ...

Over the years we have seen "moral values" being traded before our very eyes in the name of sheer greed in a never ending accumulation of material goods, but we fail to realize
there is a true and fierce lack of peace, love, brotherhood, understanding, love for nature,love for animals and our fellow man in modern society.
I often wonder-what is it? Who turned "US"into this smart but cruel puppets that walk the earth?Let me ask you!Isn´t Man part of the same nature that nourishes our beings? In the end will we not nourish nature in return?SURE WE WILL!THIS IS A FACT! Although in our pathetically stupid arrogant perspective we keep lying to ourselves and believe to belong at some higher step in evolution.
Since this is so, why do we sometimes act the way we do? So disrespectful of Nature and our fellow man ?
Am I going too fast? I apologize,I often wonder and loose myself in my own thoughts.
There are certain stories that force me to stop and think about the sad fate of that word we often misquote,a word that should be shouted from the rooftops, and that is still the purest symbol of all that is good and that "still" endures inside man.
Clearly you know that I am talking about "LOVE".
I do not intend to subliminate anymore what I wanted to show you,because there is no point in covering up a horror story under a Ton of fancy words.

Perhaps you have seen or heard about this_ somewhere in the United States; a dog after having spent a period of famine way beyond the starvation point, was pushed into a bag and thrown inside of a garbage duct.A maintenance worker noticed some movement inside the bag and opened it up,were he found the dog who was now little more than a pile of bones but,was still fighting for his life.
This dog survived after persistent and excellent work done by a team of veterinarians and was named Patrick, since he was found on Saint Patrick´s day.
To watch a video click HERE.
I am mentioning this because Patrick has become an Internet phenomenon with thousands of followers around the world (including me) who seek to know his state of health on a daily basis.
With this I hope that in future the name of Patrick is spoken in all corners of the world and become a sort of symbol for all those who loathe and despise those who encourage such sadism and fail to give a more "human" treatment to their pets.I hope that this kind of behavior will be casted out from all societies once and for all...I hope...Since "we are only human" If we act as such.

I did not want to extend the horizons of this very small shop of horrors but for those who somehow feel the need to broaden their vision of things and aren´t afraid of a much more graphic perspective I would also like to ask your attention to the following story from Brazil.
Viewer discretion is advised:To view click HERE.
To finish I just wanted to point out that over the years I´ve had the privilege to meet some people, ordinary folks like myself of all nationalities who face all the difficulties of life as I do, and share no other previlege than the ability to feel some empathy.
There is nothing "sanctifying" in it, but I still feel a genuine affection and the deepest admiration for people who have shared and keep sharing stories of how they saved dogs and cats that were abandoned to die on highways,of dogs and cats who were kicked with such violence until they had their bones broken, or people who have pets with no legs, or who are old, or blind and so on with no common appeal in what is supposed to be a pet, or how they filed complaints to the police about attack dogs that were used in illegal fights to the death and when found were completely deformed,deranged and mad from the brutality they endured, or animals that were forced to give birth to never ending litters of pups and kittens until they were unable to walk,or strangled dogs hanging from trees with their own leashes or tied with chains to tires to serve as practice for target shooting ... and an infinite number of dark and hard to imagine stories.
I hope this new century will bring forth not only what is techno progress or economic and Socio-Development but also, the ability to turn to ourselves,into our humanity,our kindness,without intention to quote any sort of religious cliche I dare say our very "souls", so we may find once more, and miss that increasingly basic need, which is the need to love and learn to love back and with it have a lot of more respect for our four legged brothers._BB

I would also like to apologize for my very poor English to all of those who are kind enough to read some of my stuff...In the future I will try harder to improve my knowledge of the English language.

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  1. menos ainda sei escrever esta palavra sem erros!

    epá, o meu inglês está podre de tão enferrujado!
    de que me serve gabar pelo facto de ter o curso de inglÊs pelo Cambrigde, se o vocabulário já se varreu praticamente todo?
    o curioso é que me lembro das regras todinhas de gramática :)

    tenho de treinar urgentemente!

    beijoca grd*

  2. Tens em baixo o texto "praticamente" igual,nunva faço traduções à letra a menos que isso me seja exigido,já eu as regras gramaticais precisava de as voltar a estudar urgentemente.


  3. Sabes o que eu penso disto... e de toda a violência usada quer contra animais quer seres humanos... sim que infelizmente ainda há quem "prenda" os filhos com deficiência mental em quartos escuros e sem quaisquer condições...
    Apesar de ser um texto longo fiz questão de ler tudo...
    beijo :)

  4. Green, quanto a isso nem fiz questão de falar porque acho que fica sub-entendido,e verdade seja dita que "nós por cá" ainda vamos tendo cada comportamente que deixa alguns "animais" num patamar de evolução muito superior ao nosso.
    Sei o que dizes porque também tenho testemunhado algumas coisas dessas...e outras que me deixam tão estupefacto que chego a sentir vergonha de ser Português.

    Obrigado por teres partilhado a tua "voz" comigo.

  5. BB... no outro dia, eu tinha escrito um monte aqui, para comentar o assunto. Foi, no entanto, um acordo para este post.... que pode ter irritado alguns leitores, o que eu nao posto.
    Obrigado! _m

  6. Magyar
    My friend, you can comment wherever you want whenever you want O.K. ?
    It´s always great to read different points of view.
    I find that not only to educational but also constructive.
    Your Portuguese is great,much better than my English anyway !

  7. every time I stop to see you I'm so blessed by your zeal to change this world. you are an amazing person my friend and I am honored to have crossed paths with you!